For the last few weeks I’ve been putting things in my bag and struggling to find them again. It got to the point of not even knowing or remembering what was in there, so I cleaned it out and here’s what I found…
Firstly, I’ve come to the conclusion I could open my own pharmacy I carry that many tablet boxes around. I found loose, empty tablet packaging and boxes. Although, my anti sickness tablets, paracetamol and Rennie are a necessity to be carrying at the moment. If there’s one thing pregnancy has taught me, it’s that you can’t have enough Rennie or Paracetamols in your bag. I also, for some unknown reason, have a pee sample tub in there, unused of course.
Two gig tickets were at the bottom of my bag. My Foo Fighters ticket which I can’t bear to put in a safe place because it will 110% be lost in a couple of days. There was also my Showcase ticket from when I went to support Dollface Honey in the final.
I found a couple of lip products just rolling around in the bottom of my bag. I’ve actually been looking for that MAC lipstick for a while so today has been a good day!
Lastly, there’s the suspect few you usually find in a bag. A pen, headphones, keys and purse. My blog plan for the next month was also in the pocket of my bag.
What a concoction of things, I’m so glad I’ve cleared my bag out and I can now find everything when I need to.

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