Hello! I’m back after about two, maybe three, weeks off. I have a very good reason for this… My daughter was born! Welcome to the world, Lana Jade Christie.
Yes, that’s right. Following on from my last This Week In Pregnancy, she finally made her arrival on the 3rd of April. I went four days overdue, which felt like it went on forever, but it was all totally worth it as I now have the most perfect little human as my daughter.
It’s still so crazy, just over two weeks after, to say that I am a mother and I have a daughter!
Labour was extremely interesting, and unlike anything I ever have or ever will experience again. I started experiencing pains after returning home from our nephew’s first birthday get together which was around 5:30pm, but nothing that inclined that it could be labour so I just kept a mental note of them being there. Then around 7:30pm I began timing them as the pain began to intensify and it became increasingly difficult to concentrate on eating dinner, or watching Luther. After a couple of hours of intense pain I decided to phone the hospital as it felt different to Braxton Hicks, and I thought I’d simply question what was happening. I was told to stay at home, relax as best as possible and maybe get some sleep. Well, that didn’t happen. The pain was too much to sleep, or do anything really, so around 12:30am I phoned again and was told to make my way to the hospital. I arrived around 1am and after an examination I was told I wasn’t going home and I would be having my baby that day!
In total honesty, it wasn’t as awful as I expected it to be. That was until I hit around 7cm, after that the pain exceeded anything I’d ever known and I was higher than Snoop Dogg on 420 on gas and air. I actually don’t remember anything from then until I was moved to another ward as Lana became unhappy and doctors were needed. After being moved to the ward, I was there for 10 minutes and out she came. I was pushing for 10 minutes, which I feel quite lucky for as some women are pushing for a couple of hours! I remember the doctor coming in asking if he was still needed and Lana was laid on my chest.
The whole experience was so surreal, and yes while the pain was crazy I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The love and happiness that comes along with it all is out of the world. I honestly am the happiest I have ever been right now, and I can only thank my little girl for causing it.
Welcome to the world, Lana. 03/04/16.

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Wow congratulations she is absolutely beautiful ? I don’t know why I enjoy reading posts about people’s experience with childbirth but you sound like you had a special experience!
I hope you’re enjoying motherhood 🙂

Teri-May xx

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