Valentines Day is coming up in two weeks’ time, which means date nights shall be had by many! It’s always nice on a date night when you get to dress up and really go all out in making an effort for your loved one. I certainly love getting ready for date nights, it’s one of my favourite times to get ready; planning my make up and hair, and finding the outfit that makes me look and feel fabulous.

I recently posted about the MAC Burgundy Times Nine palette (link here) and I wanted to use it for a make up look. The shades in this palette, I think, are perfect for a date night – especially Valentine’s because of the gorgeous red tones to it! I done a little playing round in research for the post previously mentioned, and came up with a gorgeous look for Valentines Day using just three shades.

I started off covering my entire lid with Poppyseed which is a stunning satin taupe shade. I found this enlarged my eyes and made them pop all on its own. If you wanted to go for a more simple, casual look, you could build on this in the crease a little extra to create depth and be done. I opted for a darker look in the crease and used Haux, a matte reddish brown shade. By blending this upwards it lifted my eyes and gave the illusion they were a lot more open and awake – it’s never a good look if you look tired on a date, right? I built on the colour until I got the depth I wanted to achieve and blended in with the lid colour. To finish off the look and accentuate the outer V, I used a small amount of Sketch, which is where the red-burgundy shade comes into the look. I also took this very tightly to my top lash line and loosely along my lower lash line to shape my eyes.

I find simply by taking a bit of colour along the lower lash line it takes the look from casual to sexy; especially with a red-burgundy shade! You could also add some winged liner to go full sexy with this look, but it looks fine without it too if you feel like you don’t want to do it.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – quite literally! I hope you like this look, and have a fabulous Valentines Day whether you’re celebrating with friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend or children. I don’t believe in Valentines Day just being about the romance between a couple, I think it’s nice to share the love with everyone you love – friends, children or partner. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below, and don’t forget to show me on Twitter or Instagram if you recreate the look (links are in the menu bar, or search for ‘ablogbycharlie’).

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