2 years ago today, my teeny 7lbs 8oz baby daughter was born. I still remember dancing to Take That in the delivery room with the midwife; chugging on gas and air like it was a JD and coke. The 12 hour labour was intense, but oh man, was it worth it!

2 years ago today, Lana Christie met the world.

ablogbycharlie daughter birthday

The past two years have flown by, time has passed so quickly. I remember so many things so vividly, as if it was just last week. Watching my teeny little baby grow and develop into a cheeky toddler has been the best thing ever. I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing – I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

We went into this journey with absolutely no idea how it was going to go. However, we’ve got this far which is a good sign! You’ve come on so amazingly; you’re such a funny little character. I’ve also grown a lot with you; I’m learning so much each day about myself. I never thought I could be this proud of someone; both you and your daddy too.


Helping you learn everything you know, and more feels so rewarding. You blow my mind every single day with your colour naming, animal naming and noise making. I’m so proud of the knowledge you already have and that you’re already able to hold a mini-conversation. You’re our little Einstein and I can’t wait to see how you develop in the future.


Even if I do say so myself, you’re such a beautiful girl – inside and out. You don’t understand now, but one day you will. Everyone says it, and again, it makes me so proud that I created you! Not too sure where you got these beautiful looks from, and I’m super jealous, but I’m glad you did. It makes me laugh that you know what you want to wear, and somehow still look so nice. Except when you want to wear wellies with everything – stop that please.

The little things truly make a difference. Like the way you’ll fall over, get back up and say “alright” to let us know that you’re okay. Also, the way you’ll call after us if we walk two steps ahead or behind. Or the way you call your teddy bear “ted bear” and act like it’s a human. And the way you’ll more than happily say no to things you don’t want to do.


You brighten my day, every day. I can’t wait for that to happen each day for ever. However, for today, I hope that we’ve made you happy. The happiest girl in the world. I hope you’ve enjoyed the park, the presents, and the cake. To see you smiling, I would do it every day for you because you’re worth it.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be a parent – but I consider myself even more lucky to be YOUR parent.

I love you.

My daughter.

My Lana.


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