The blogging community is ever-growing which can make it hard to be captivating. However, it also means that there are so many amazing bloggers out there yet to discover. One of the best ways I’ve discovered some new bloggers is through Twitter blogger chats. I’ve found some of my favourites through them and it makes me so happy. They’re also an amazing way to help grow your own audience as well. Win/win, right?

These chats have impacted my audience and blog so much since I started joining in. The biggest impact these chats have had on me is my follower count! I know blogging isn’t about the numbers, it’s about doing what you love. However, it’s always nice to have your audience grow and new people discovering your blog. They’re so helpful in getting your name out into the blogging community. Like anything, the more you get involved the more memorable you become within the chats.

They’re so much fun and getting to know people is always so interesting. They’re mainly in the evenings which means you are able to chill out and unwind while getting involved. I love being able to chuck on some PJs, grab a cuppa and sit on the sofa talking to some of the kindest people ever!

If you want to get involved in blogger chats, I have a schedule that you can take a look at. If you’ve ever joined in before, what are your favourites? I can’t wait to carry on getting involved and finding more amazing bloggers.

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Great post! I totally agree. As someone new to blogging I am really enjoying blog chats and have found them very useful.


I love blogger chats too! I’d never have any twitter followers/blog followers without them. My fave is the GRLPOWR chat because there’s just so many people it’s slightly chaotic but so fun!

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