One of the best things in the world is when your hair is in amazing condition. I often receive compliments on how good condition my hair is in because it used to be so awful. I’ve explained it previously, but mine used to matt up, knot, and be a 45-minute mission to untangle every time I wanted to do something with it. It’s so nice to now receive compliments on it. I do wish it was longer, though! After how awful my hair was, I am so conscious of what I use on it and what I do with it so that I can avoid that ever happening again.

When I wash my hair I like to use luke warm water. I don’t like to use really hot water on my head as it has caused my scalp to get irritated in the past. Recently, I was talking to my friend and she explained that you’re meant to shampoo twice and condition once. This solved all my issues of what the third step of washing hair was when I went to the hairdressers! I’ve been trying this out since and it’s been working so well. Lately, I’ve been wanting to switch up my hair routine anyway so this was perfect for it!

However, as much as this works for me, I’m still sticking with not using conditioner every time I wash my hair. Now, I have no particular reason for this. I don’t know if it makes any difference or makes my hair any better. I just did it once when I ran out of conditioner without realising and found my hair felt really good. Therefore I decided to only use conditioner every other time I wash my hair. I know, I know, sounds gross. Try it for a couple of weeks and come back to me…

Another way I keep my hair in the condition it is is by not using any heat on it whatsoever. I never ever straighten it or use a hair drying unless it is absolutely necessary. Some of you are probably gasping at the thought of never using them. I dare you to try it for a week or so and you’ll notice such a difference! The last time I straightened my hair was when I went to Victorious Festival back in August and that was because I had a massive kink in it from sleeping in a ponytail. In all honesty, I couldn’t tell you when I last used a hair dryer because it was so long ago I’ve forgotten. I’ve noticed my hair is so much more shiny, healthy and has so much more flow since stopping using these appliances.

This may sound gross to a lot of people, and some may even judge me on this. I let my hair get a bit greasy. Even just typing that has made me wonder if I should share that… However, it is true. I wash it 2-3 times a week so that it gets a little greasy. Washing your hair every day is unhealthy; it dries out your scalp, it strips your hair’s natural oils. It’s okay to let your hair get a little greasy from time to time! This doesn’t mean I walk around with such bad grease that my hair looks wet as I’ve managed to train my hair to last this long over the last few years. I find this gives my hair time to breathe in between washes, and when I do wash it, it feels so much better!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this advice on how I keep my hair in good condition, if not a little grossed out. A couple of other things I do is not dye my hair anymore, and only use clip in extensions. Like I said I’m very conscious of what touches my hair nowadays, so the thought of glue etc scares me! Let me know if you want to try some of these ideas, or if you already do them… You can back me up on them just to prove I’m not just crazy!

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I never use heat on my hair either! Also tend to leave a few days between washing and I’m always praised for not getting split ends despite my hair being super long! Some great tips here, miss!

Stephanie xo


Thank you! I’m glad I’m not alone haha. Hoping I can grow mine out quite long now that it’s in tip-top condition x


Love this post! My hair always goes so dry during the winter months and looks so frizzy, will definitely use your tips!

I always let my hair dry naturally which is a plus too, but love the tip with the conditioner and using shampoo twice! Will definitely let you know how I will get on 🙂

shelley xoxo


Please do! Thank you for the love 🙂 x


Loved all your tips Charlie! My hair can get so split, especially in the colder months, so I’m taking these on board for sure! <3

Sophie | soinspo xo


Thank you! Let me know how you get on with them. Fingers crossed you find them as helpful as I did x


Great tips! I’m guilty of using my straighteners too often as well as washing my hair everyday and it’s starting to show! Looks like I’ll have to try these tips!

Gabija |


I used to never leave the house without straightening my hair, so glad I cut it out of my routine. Let me know how you get on lovely! x


I only wash my hair about two times a week as well. As someone who suffers from dermatitis having super dry skin and super dry hair comes with it. If I wash my hair more often ore actually shower more often I could as well use sanding-paper on my body. People are overdoing the whole shower thing these days if you ask me. There is no need to shower everyday unless your are a super sweaty person or work in construction or something like this.

xo Sabrina from


Found this post really helpful, I also wash my hair with like warm water and I absolutely love aussie products on my hair x

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