Highlighters are one of my favourite parts of my makeup routine. I swear I say this about every step, but I just love makeup okay? Highlighters, though, truly get me excited. I love how they transform my face into a glowing goddess and makes me feel like an angel. Now that Summer is here, it’s time for ALL. THE. GLOW! So today I’m sharing my four favourite highlighters to achieve the best Summer glow.


Fenty Beauty Lightning Dust / Fire Crystal Duo

This is the newest addition to my collection out of all of the ones I’m including. However, it’s already crept his way in and I’m obsessed with it. I love that you get a two in one kinda deal with these. There’s the choice of something more subtle, or a bit more intense. During the day,  I usually opt for a soft glow as I don’t tend to go full coverage in the Summer. Evening time is a complete different story, I go full intense glow with this. It’s just absolutely stunning both ways and I love that it’s so versatile.


MAC Cosmetics Whisper Of Gilt

This is probably my most used of the four, it’s my go-to because I know it’ll never fail me. It’s so beautiful on the skin, and looks good on anyone. I bought this when it was released as part of the Christmas Snowflake collection last year, but they’ve now released it in their normal packaging which is amazing! I apply this everywhere; cheeks, forehead, brow bone, collarbones and shoulders. It’s just the all round perfect Summer glow!


Stila Heaven’s Hue Kitten

I use this one a lot when I don’t have much makeup on. It has a bit of a bronzy look to it as well so I often use it with bronzer to glow up my face a bit more. This is another one that I use everywhere, but more so when I have a tan due to the bronzy undertone. This is more of a natural glow too, but it can be built up to be more intense. Personally, I prefer this as a more natural glow though. It is a putty to powder formula so it doesn’t make me look greasy or oily.


Kristen Leanne X Urban Decay Highlight Palette

Similar to the Fenty Beauty duo, I enjoy I have variety with this palette. There’s three shades to pick from, but I tend to use the two lightest shade most frequently. Once again, I use these all over, but when applying to my shoulders etc I use my fingers as they can be powdery. These are probably the most intense of all of the ones I’ve mentioned – a little goes a long way. I use these a lot too as they look good with any amount of makeup. They give such a beautiful glow, I love cracking this palette out when I want something intense.


I am very excited for Summer this year, I’m determined to make it epic! The warm weather so far has been making me super happy, and I can’t wait to cover myself in highlight. What is something you’re most looking forward to this Summer?

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