Well, isn’t this year shaping out to be a bunch of firsts on this little blog of mine? I’ve never done a blog post soley dedicated to my love of lashes. At the moment, they’ve become a bit of an obsession. My collection has grown more in the last few months than it did in the entirety of 2017. Today I want to share my top five pairs that I own, and that I’d recommend to you.


Oh Your Lash – Milan

There’s a reason that these lashes are listed first. These are my absolute favourites that I reach for almost every day at the moment. They’re very long, and whispy while staying natural at the same time. The band is really thin and flexible which is a huge thumbs up for me as it means they blend with my natural lash line immaculately. Milan is my favourite style that Oh Your Lash do, however they have other styles that I really like as well. I think Milan is my favourite because they make me feel super glam!


Pinky Goat – Rahaf

Pinky Goat is a lash brand I’d never heard of before finding these lashes. As soon as I saw them on Falseeyelashes.co.uk, I had to have them. They looked stunning online, and look even better in person. The best way to describe the style of these would be that they’re a more volumous version of Milan. The quality of these lashes is incredible. Rahaf’s band isn’t too thick, but also not overly thin. However, they’re so stable and sturdy, and don’t feel like they’re going to rip when taking them off. I’ve also convinced friends to order these as well because they’re so amazing!


GWA – Unicorn

These Girls With Attitude lashes are the least costly of the bunch. They’re £5.49 from GWA’s website directly, but you can also find them in Primark for just £3! I was a little skeptical, I’m not going to lie. You know, you hear these horror stories of people having allergic reactions to cheap lashes. However, I was convinced when I saw my friend wearing a pair and looked stunning. I really love the style of Unicorn, and the fact that the band is clear is super handy for those no liner looks. The only downside to them is that the band is very flimsy so I have to be extra careful not to damage or break them. (Then again, for £3 a piece, it’s not the end of the world).


Unicorn Lashes – Majestic AF

My Unicorn Lashes are one of my newest additions to my collection. Majestic AF look kind of inbetween Rahaf & Unicorn, so it’s clear to see why I was drawn to them so much. They’re really soft and lightweight, so they don’t give your eyes that tired feeling that some lashes do. I love how dramatic these are, and the volume they give. They glam up any kind of look, even the simplest of them. They’re really sturdy, and amazing quality. I want to try more from Unicorn Lashes for sure.


Tatti Lashes – TL3

Patti Lashes are a brand that I’d heard about for so long, but never actually tried. Just before Christmas I decided to take the plunge and went for the biggest, fluffiest pair I could find. I’m so happy that I did, as these lashes are absolutely incredible. Like I say, they are super fluffy, but I love this as it makes them blend with my lashes impeccably. I feel like the band is slightly too thick for my eyes, making them feel a little heavy, but this wears off after a while. These lashes are perfect if you’re wanting high impact, dramatic lashes for your look.


Each of these lashes create such a different finish to each look I create. It was incredibly difficult to choose my top 5 and I could’ve written for forever and a day. However, these are my final top five that I reach for constantly at the moment. These are usually the lashes I go to when recommending them, depending on the look they’re going for. I’m always looking to try new brands or styles, so any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

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