With Lana recently turning two, it means it’s time to start on her new wardrobe. So I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree for her. Majority of what I picked up was from the Next mid-season sale. However, I wanted to share some of the bits I’d bought for any parents seeking some inspiration as it was all such bargains!


ablogbycharlie Next haul

Lana is well and truly sorted for Summer tees. It’s amazing now that the weather is getting warmer – I’ll be whacking these out soon. I’m a huge fan fan of simple clothing, so I’m absolutely in love with the ‘Happy’ top and the tie up one. I also had to get the giraffe embroidery one too, Lana’s obsessed with animals at the moment. All of these tops will look so cute with some leggings or shorts, paired with some sandals.


ablogbycharlie Next toddler haul

Staple tees are something that you can never really go wrong with – they look good with anything. A trend I love is stripes and it kind of shows with these. The black and white ones will look so chic with some jeggings and sneakers when the cooler weather rolls around again. Once again these are all from Next. I really like how Next tees wash – I know, what a mum.



With Summer right around the corner, it’s time to get the dresses out. The 4 Tesco dresses are so good – they’re amazing quality at good prices. I’ve used Tesco dresses before and they last so well! The long sleeve floral dress is going to be so cute this Spring and Autumn with a pair of brown boots. I wasn’t going to buy it initially, but my best friend convinced me to so that our girls could match. The polka-dot pinafore is something I’m super jealous of. I’m picturing this with a white tee underneath with her Disney plimsoles. This has made me fall in love with Zara Kids – I can’t stop looking now!



On the note of shoes and Summer, I’ve already started on Lana’s sandal collection. I thought I was being clever when I bought them all in the next size up, but now I’m worried she won’t fit into them! The grey and holographic pairs are from Next. I’m obsessed with the holographic ones as I love the chunky style of them. The white pair had me shook to the core when I saw them in Primark – £3.50!! How is that even real!? I’m crazy tempted to go buy more as they’re amazing value and will get so much wear.



Florals and cactuses seem to be a running theme in these purchases, but it’s all so pretty. The H&M dresss (far right) was just £2.99 so I actually bought a few of them because they’re such great value for money. Embroidery also seems to be a trend in the wardrobe. The cactus top and the one with the floral sleeves will look so stunning in Summer with some denim shorts. The cactus dress will be ideal for Autumn and even Winter as the top half is a soft think cotton. Primark seem to be absolutely killing it with their kids footwear, the floral plimsoles were just £8!



I have to be prepared for all kinds of situations, so to prepare for colder Summer evenings and Autumn, I picked up a few jumpers. I bought some jumper dresses as these are simple, yet stylish, outfit. They look so nice on Lana so I can’t wait to stick her in these. The ‘fierce’ slogan jumper literally sums Lana up so I simply had to buy it, no questions asked. Speaking of quotes, how cute is the handwritten beige one? It’s such a lovely quote and I’m always down for some positive vibes.



How could I not share these coat bargains with you? I know i’m really early – like really early – with these purchases, but I had to pick these up. I spotted the pink leather jacket in H&M with a red sticker saying £9 and couldn’t believe. They only had three left, and very luckily had Lana’s size. I’ve never grabbed something so fast in my life. The pink puffy Winter coat was quite a lucky find too. When I went to the Next sale, they weren’t out when it started. However, we had been there so long that they started bringing new stuff out – that’s when I saw this. At £10, I couldn’t leave it. At least I know it’s 1 Winter coat sorted…



I wanted a separate section dedicated to all my favourites. One of my top favourites is the ACDC jumper. It’s such a beautiful blush pink with the faded effect, giving it that edgy touch. The floral shorts are going to be perfect for the height of Summer with a white tee and the Primark sandals. I’ve had the pink ballet high tops from Zara for a while, and again, got them in a size up for Summer. Here’s hoping they actually fit! I’m also panicking about the yellow pumps from Next too – why did I do this to myself!? However, my ultimate favourite out of everything is the stripe jumpsuit (also from Next). I’ve never been more jealous of a piece of Lana’s clothing. I am so excited for Lana to fit into it – it’ll be the go-to outfit for Summer.


I’m so happy and in love with all of these pieces. Is it bad that I’m also already excited for the next Next sale?! Out of everything, I would highly recommend the white sandals from Primark. Also, the £2.99 dresses from H&M are a must! I wish this wasn’t a haul for my two year old, but a haul for myself. What’s your favourite piece from the haul? Where do you do your clothes shopping for your little ones?

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