It’s my due date! However, no clear signs of things progressing towards birth just yet. Patience is wearing thin, but that’s mainly due to my sleeping habits becoming increasingly disturbed and disorientated.
This week has been emotionally challenging at times. There have been many tears over things that usually seem so minuscule. It dawned on me when I was in the bath the other night that she won’t be in my belly soon, and all the kicking and fidgeting she does will no longer be felt from within. I got quite emotional at this thought, but got even more emotion when that lead on to thinking about how she’ll soon be doing that in our arms and when I get to see Connor holding her for the first time. I’m blaming part of this on One Born Every Minute though, as we’ve been watching a lot of that this week as for some strange reason it calms my mind about it soon being me pushing and panting.
I’ve been getting a few niggly pains this week, but obviously nothing that’s lead anywhere. It’s annoying after the last two weeks of everything looking like she’s going to be here early, and even midwives and doctors telling us we’ll be having her within the next 24 hours, she still not making her long awaited arrival. Let’s be honest though, she is Connor’s child so there was never any chance of her actually being on time! It’s also a slim chance she’ll even arrive at some point today too as only 5% of women actually give birth on their due date – yes, only 5%!
The countdown is on, and hopefully this will be the final pregnancy post! So if it is then thank you to those that have read and followed them, and if it isn’t then I’ll see you again next week!

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