One more week. Wow, what a strange thing to be able to say! It’s crazy to think back to announcing pregnancy last Summer, and writing this post every week. Knowing that the next one will probably be the last one, maybe even this one… Okay, let’s stop freaking out for a second and actually come back down to Earth.

This week has been frustrating to say the least. As you’ve guessed, still no baby! This will be the 19th day of getting pains, 10th day since being told it’s latent labour and all with a week left until my due date. This week, in case you haven’t noticed, has been a week of zero motivation (sorry for lack of blog posts) while trying to put up new furniture and sleep. I have never been more frustrated in my entire life than I have been at certain moments of the last week. I managed to get to sleep before midnight on Saturday which made me extremely happy as it meant I got about 10 hours sleep that night – yes, that’s about as exciting as pregnancy gets at this stage! Every other night, however, has been 4am bed times despite being so tired during the day.

There is literally nothing else to update you on to be totally honest. This week has literally been sleep, emotions, frustration and pain. God, I sound so whiny! I do feel sorry for Connor who has been getting it in the ear every five minutes this week. “Ouch, this hurts”, “I’m in so much pain”, “Why does she hate me?!” are some of the catchphrases that would be on an ABLOGBYCHARLIE soundboard if there was one.
I am feeling a lot more prepared this week now the new furniture is in the bedroom all set up. I’m a lot more at ease and she is officially allowed to come any second. I know I’ve said that for a couple of weeks now, but everything is exactly how I want it now so I mean that 100%. I mean she could’ve come any time since I’ve been saying it, it would’ve been a lot harder to get everything done after her arrival though.
*Side note: I apologise if this makes no sense, or is written in a strange way that doesn’t flow. I’m deliriously tired and unable to sleep.* 
I need to make a labour playlist. It’s been on my list of things to do since our visits to the hospital at 1:30am last week. Radio at that time of the morning is the most irritating thing in history. I only ever listen to Radio 1 because I can’t handle hearing the car dealership jingles every two minutes on Wave 105 or Express FM. So if you have any suggestions then leave them in the comments below. It can be anything, it’s only going to be on in the background (maybe) to give my mind something to distract itself from the pain.
There you have it. A very poorly written summary of this week and my thoughts at this point of pregnancy. I can’t quite believe this could potentially be the last one of this crazy journey. Thank you to those of you that have read this week in week out, and those that may have come along the way. I appreciate all the comments and tweets I’ve received in reply to these posts, it’s amazing hearing why you guys think and your experiences too so keep them coming! 

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Eeeeeek this must be so exciting, I can't believe you're so close! I hope she comes soon and you can bring her home and be done with waiting

Steph –

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