Wow, my due date is two weeks away! Could she be here before then?
This week has been a little crazy, and by a little I mean extremely. I am so tired after this last week, so much has happened it’s flown by! I mentioned last week about pains that I’d been getting that were contraction-like. Well, they continued – and still are continuing. I went to the doctors on Friday because I started to get a little anxious and the maternity ward wanted me to rule out a UTI. Turns out I had a slight UTI, but she also thought I was in early labour and I was advised to keep an eye on them. Over the weekend I was pretty busy and on my feet a lot, so when Sunday night rolled round the pains had gotten more and more painful. After timing them on my app (Smart Contraction Timer) and it telling me to go to the hospital five or six times I decided to phone the ward and was advised to pop in. The results of this where interesting…
Information time. The cervix is quite thick, and needs thinning down to fully dilate. Mine has thinned out a bit and is now around 1/4 left, so still has a little way to go. However, this hasn’t stopped it trying to dilate, and I’m currently around 1cm dilated, but the internal end is still closed. It’s been confirmed I’m in early labour and after these checks it’s been warned that it may not be long until she makes her appearance. The same thing occurred Monday night too, but the pains were far more intense, but the results were the same so it could also be a while.
The latent phase of labour is so tiring because it’s so slow, yet your body is working overtime. I now have to take lots of naps and rest as much as possible so that when the real thing comes around I’m not completely exhausted and can’t handle it. Staying hydrated and staying fed is also key at the moment so that I’m no dehydrated or starving when it happens too. It could still go on to my due date, maybe longer, but it could also be any minute. It’s such an exciting thought!
This week also had another huge surprise! My baby shower. My amazing friends and family were all very sneaky and managed to pull off an amazing surprise baby shower for me. It was such a lovely shock, and I very nearly peed myself when I opened the door to everyone shouting ‘surprise!’. I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work that was put into everything and for all the gifts that have really proven just how loved and spoilt our little L is already. I’m welling up just thinking about it. It was so nice to have everyone I loved around me, and again I’m so so grateful for all the handwork that was put into it. I can’t believe it managed to stay a secret, and looking back I really don’t know how I didn’t suspect something was going on! 
There you have it, one crazy week in pregnancy! Keep coming back to stay up to date with my pregnancy story. I’m thinking of doing a pregnancy and birth Q&A once I’ve given birth so feel free to leave comments with any questions below, or send them via Facebook or Twitter using the links above.

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