This week has been the most difficult week so far. With a combination of nesting and getting various aches and pains it’s been very very tiring. I’m yawning just thinking about it! At least I can officially say I’m full term now, and she can come at any moment she likes. The sooner the better please, I don’t know how much more of not being able to feel my legs I can take! Let’s get the last few weeks over and done with and sprint this home run.
As I said, this week has been exhausting. I’ve never used so much energy by sitting on a bed – when I’ve had the chance anyway! I’ve been getting a lot of pains since Friday evening. You may be wondering why I haven’t checked them out, but that’s because they’re irregular and being a first time parent I don’t really know what they could be. I’m a very calm person as it is and take things in my stride so I’m reading a lot about what it could possibly be, but for now I’ll keep in touch with my midwife. The pains are strange; they feel like I’ve done too many sit ups, but then turn to period-like pains and then they go away for hours. I won’t go into everything I’m experiencing because you’re probably already yelling at the screen “WHY HAVE YOU NOT GOT IT CHECKED?”. I have asked for friends advice and they’ve advised me to keep an eye on things, and also got in touch with the midwife.
I don’t help myself because I’ve been nesting again this week, but to an exhausting level. Every single day I’ve been doing things to make it easier and more practical when the baby makes her arrival. I honestly feel so much better for doing it all though, knowing that everything is where I want it and where it’s easy to grab. We also spent the whole day on Saturday tackling her wardrobe. I’ve put photos below to show how it was before and after. There was cracks down the back of the wardrobe and the walls were covered in crayon and stickers from god knows when so our main priorities was to sort that out and make it more presentable. We managed to fill in the cracks and paint over the marks and it looks so much better. It’s fair to say she has more than enough clothes! We still need to do the inside of the door, but that’s fine for now as the door hang covers most of it and I’m unsure of what I want to do with it.
The dreaded heartburn has made a comeback this week, and oh boy does it want to make a point of it too. It’s the same as last time where I’d only get it at night and it’s waking me up and keeping me awake for four hours! Monday night I woke up and was kept awake for hours so when I woke up yesterday I was so tired. I’m tired all the time now, it’s finally happened where I could sleep all freakin’ day. My body likes to torture me so I don’t just have one thing wrong with me, I have everything, so along with the heartburn and fatigue I’ve also lost my appetite. It’s really irritating because I feel hungry often, but don’t ever know what to eat because I don’t want anything.
I suppose the only thing I can do is keep bouncing on my ball and plod on for the next three weeks. How crazy is that to say!? Holy sh*t.

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