That’s the 32nd week down, I have 7 weeks left until my due date. It’s obviously a well known thing that after you have a baby you have a lot of sleepless nights. It’s not so common knowledge that it happens before the baby arrives too. You’d think that you’d find it easier to get to sleep as your body is using up a lot more energy, but apparently not! I’ve been finding this out first hand over the last few weeks, but this week more so than ever. 5am has not been such a common sighting since working at Tesco and having to get up at that time. It got to the point one night I was bouncing on my gym ball for two and a half hours while trying to catch up on some writing. The fact that my sickness is back is also not helping. It usually happens around 2-3am where I begin feeling really sick and it won’t go away until I release it.
Braxton Hicks have been quite horrible this week too. Basically, I’ve got to that stage in pregnancy where nothing is pleasant other than the thought of having my baby soon. At one point my stomach felt so horribly tight it felt like a torn muscle from doing a million sit ups. The only way I was able to budge the feeling slightly was to get on all fours in the birthing position; I felt like such a hypochondriac, but it was the only thing that eased it. This is another reason why it’s been a bit difficult to get to sleep at night, but it also scares me because for a split second the thought of “what if this is labour?” goes through my head, and then I realise how stupid I sound and realise it’s just Braxton Hicks.
Alongside Braxton Hicks, my back has also been playing havoc because I’m sat with no back support most of the day when writing. Getting up for frequent breaks and just a walk around the house is helpful, but I’m trying to walk as much as I can instead of getting a bus or taxi – unless it’s raining because I am not dealing with umbrellas in the wind! It’s helping wonders for back and hip pain, but I certainly need to talk to my midwife about it because it is getting to the point where it takes my breath away.
I have made a start on my hospital bag, but it’s the one and only job out of this whole pregnancy I just really cannot be bothered to do! I have no motivation for it whatsoever, but it needs to be done so I’m going to complete it this week. I done a blog post about what was in the baby’s hospital bag (link here), so there will be a follow up to that of what’s in my hospital bag. It’ll be up towards the end of the month as there’s a couple of bits I need to get and don’t have time at the moment.
I want to try Raspberry Leaf Tea because there’s a lot of plus points that I’ve read about to it, but I want to hear other people’s experiences with it. Did it do anything for you? Is it worth getting? Please let me know what you thought of it if you used it either in the comments below or on my social medias which are linked in the menu bar.

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