Heartburn. If I could end the post there then I would because it’s a great representation of the week. Heartburn is a normal side effect of pregnancy anyway, but holy crap. I never had it before I was pregnant and only experienced it a couple times since being pregnant, but I’d never experienced anything like it a couple of nights ago. It started off the usual heartburn about 1am, but it progressively got worse. I had some Gaviscon, but there was hardly any left so it barely did anything. 4am rolled round and I still hadn’t slept and it got so bad I was really sick. It was horrendously painful, and felt like I had been shot in the stomach it was so painful! Luckily it eased up after being sick, but I still couldn’t sleep. Finally managed to sleep around 6:30am that night/morning!
That’s one thing that I’m hoping I can get back to normal now Connor is back to work after the Christmas break, my sleeping pattern. The earliest I’ve managed to get to sleep in the last month or so is around 1am. I managed to sleep about 11pm the other night as yesterday was Connor’s first day back so we went to bed early. Hopefully we can keep it up! It also helped that we had a midwife appointment at 8:30 yesterday morning so Connor was still able to get to work on time.
Midwife appointment went well, and I spoke about my back and hip pain and she informed me it was because of the position the baby is in. If you’re experiencing discomfort and pain make sure you bring it up with your midwife or doctor – it is more than likely to be the position, but it’s always nice to check. It turns out she’s got her back pressing against my back and also pressed against it. This is also why kicks have been very strong this week – I’ve had punches to my side that have been really visible. It almost looks like those toy alien things that was in the goo and you had to grow it and failed every time. In the nicest way possible though.
This week has certainly tested my patience a little with my hormones. My hormones are throwing my anxiety everywhere leading to me then feeling quite down in the dumps sometimes. It also means that I am getting really short fused with people which is causing stress on me. I know what I want to say, but because I can’t fathom the right words to say it I become frustrated or people are taking what I’m saying the wrong way. This then leads to my anxiety getting worse and me feeling worse than what I would’ve done if I’d just kept my mouth shut. It would be handy if people realised that I may not be meaning what I’m saying in a harsh way and that my hormones and anxiety are playing a part in the way I’m feeling and the delivery of my speech, but until then I’ll be keeping quiet. Less hassle that way. That’s not me blaming my anxiety for me being a bitch, if I’ve been a bitch I’ll often admit it, but the times when I become frustrated and angry are the times that my words aren’t coming out right.
Oh, and one last thing to finish this week off… Can people stop saying “oh haven’t you got big” or “you’re huge now!” because you’re really not helping? It wasn’t okay to say I look huge before I was pregnant, it’s not okay to say it while I’m pregnant. Tell me I look nice and boost my confidence up instead of making me feel like I shouldn’t have left the house, that’d work as well…

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