Another week of sleepless nights, another week of emotions, another week of hormones. Not all is bad though!
This week has had me getting up in the night so much I need to start eating carrots to see better in the dark. It’s been ridiculous! It’s not like I need a wee, then I’d be fine with it. I know I’d much rather get up to pee than just do it in bed… I’m simply having a lot of unsettled sleep. It’s totally normal for this stage of pregnancy, but it’s one of the pregnancy side effects that would make pregnancy more enjoyable if it just wasn’t there. A girl can dream!
I’ve also been getting quite a bit of pain this week – again, normal. It’s due to L growing at a rapid pace and moving a lot that I’ve been getting growing pains in my sides. Imagine someone stretching a piece of cling film, that’s what it feels like is happening on the outer thirds of my bump! Yep, it’s not very nice. At least I know she’s growing at a great pace and is growing stronger every day. This week saw the beginning of the transition from breech to birth position, and yes it was extremely noticeable. I was awake pretty much all night on Monday night with all sorts of pains and twinges because of her shifting and stretching to get into a comfortable position. I could feel her head quite low the next day and my bump looked like it had dropped slightly so this is all good signs for her being in a good position ready for her arrival that is just 16 weeks away.
The aches my body has experienced have been somewhat painful. My back feels like a mangled wire, my hips feel very disjointed and my feet and hands are starting to swell too! These are all things I have written down to talk to my midwife about when I see her just after the new year.
Something that is exciting for me is being able to experience a pregnant Christmas. I wrote about all the things I am looking forward too in a blog post which you can read here if that is something you would be interested in! 
Another week ticked off the calendar!

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Ohh it's so excited! I'm not sure I'd like being pregnant over Christmas though, I'd miss the mulled wine too much!

Corinne x


I can't believe how quickly it's going! I am missing my cheese boards with wine, I won't lie haha x

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