Wow, 16 weeks left!

Looking back, this week has been such a blur because so much has happened. 2 birthdays, 4 celebrations and 6 sleep deprived nights. It’s just flown by because I’ve been so bloody busy!

I seemed to have popped out a bit more this week, so I now feel like an utter whale. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy my bump before anyone starts jumping down my neck like they did with Kim Kardashian, I’m just saying that I may just topple over by the end of this pregnancy. I don’t understand the big deal with saying you don’t like something about being pregnant – not all of it is amazing you know!? The itchy stretch marks, the ever so sudden need to pee, uncomfortable at night!! (Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is amazing for stretch marks, and helps with itchiness too if you’re experiencing that).

Speaking of uncomfortable at night, just, wow! This week has been a bloody mare trying to sleep. It’s taken about 2-3 hours every night to sleep meaning I have only had about 5 hours sleep every night this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling her kick. I just wish she’d do it when Connor was awake so he could feel her more. It’s such a strange feeling because I’m feeling her really strongly now so it’s like a stomach churn, but you can feel a full on punch or kick. Connor managed to feel her on Sunday and it was almost as if they was playing a little game together where he’d tap my belly to make her move and she would tap back to say hello. It was such a magical moment!

I slept a lot better on Monday night so I’m hoping that can carry on and I sleep better.

16 weeks left and counting. Until we meet L x

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