I can’t believe 23 weeks pregnant. It feels so weird to say, but also amazing obviously!

By this time in my friend’s pregnancies, a lot of them tended to have the sudden realisation that they’re going to be giving birth in 17 weeks time. I mean, that sounds a long time, but when you think about the fact that I found out 18 and a half weeks ago it’s really not as long as you may think! The point I’m trying to get to is that unlike my friends who had this realisation, I am still so excited to experience child birth. I probably sound mental to those who have gone through it already, but I am. I thought that I’d be bricking it because everyone else keeps telling me about how much of a nightmare I’m going to be, but I’m gonna push (whey) on through!

This week has been a huge sigh of relief. I have felt L moving like normal again, and some days even more so. I’m even feeling her moving while at work! Connor felt her move again this week too. He rested his head on my bump and started talking to her and he got a swift roundhouse to the jaw. She knows who her favourite is, great taste girl.

I made a list this week of all the things we have, and all the things we have left to get and other than a few minor things like a changing bag, moses basket bedding etc. we have pretty much everything. All the big money things are ticked off, and there’s still clothes to get, but until I count out what I have and make another list it’s hard to say how much we have left of that to buy too. Writing out this list made me realise how amazing the people around us are; our parents, our friends. Without them buying bits here and there and giving us a few bits we wouldn’t be anywhere near done like we are now. I am so grateful and appreciative of everything anyone does for us, and I cannot express that enough!

Here’s to hoping week 23 holds more movement, more amusingness, and more happiness!

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