This week in pregnancy has seen more hormonal tears than ever. I have cried at literally everything this week…

Someone didn’t answer the phone when I called, I cried. 
I watched a video of a puppy who had wheels for front legs, I cried.
Clara died in Doctor Who, I cried.
Honestly, I thought I’d gone past the stage of hormones causing me aggro, but apparently not. I’m still an emotional mess.
Although I am now 22 weeks, I’m still not feeling Baby L kick strongly just yet. It’s caused me concerns, and I have been worried. She was kicking crazy amounts on Friday evening, but that was the first time I felt her properly since the Thursday before. I haven’t felt her as strong since either. I went to the doctors as I had some results of tests come back and raised my concerns and it turns out everything is as it should be! Thankfully. It turns out she’s just a very dinky baby still where I was sick so much with my morning sickness.
When pregnant one of the biggest fears is being told something is wrong with your unborn baby, and I thought the fear and anxiety would disappear after the 12 week scan, but it didn’t. The anxiety of something happening has stayed the same the whole time, so going to the 20 week scan and hearing her heartbeat at the midwife appointment and doctors feels like a huge sigh of relief. I can only advise that if you are worried or have any concerns to do with the health of your baby to get in touch with your midwife, doctor and read about the things you’re worried about. Count The Kicks is an amazing charity that help advise you in the right direction if you have concerns.
Other than this week being full of anxiety, I have felt quite ill with a sore throat and a UTI. That may be too much information, but that is the reality of pregnancy. You will be more prone to contracting a UTI and there’s not a great deal you can do to prevent it. I have stayed extremely hydrated in the last 2 weeks because my skin has felt a bit dry due to the cold, and it has still happened! They are, however, easily treatable with some antibiotics.
Tiredness has taken a backseat and I have a lot more energy to get up and do things. A lot of people ask “do you not want to chill a little bit while pregnant?”, but not really. If anything, I feel like I want to do more. I want to get up, go out, enjoy the day being able to do what the hell I want. That is all going to stop in just over 4 months, so I feel like I want to make the most of the days I feel energised.
My back is starting to play up again, but I blame it on the chairs in work. Honestly, it’s like sitting on a pile of bricks for 7 1/2 hours a day! At least I have a good excuse for Connor to give me plenty of back massages, mwahaha!
See you next week for another update, if there’s anything you would like to know then leave a comment or use my social links to get in contact! 

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