20 weeks. 15 and a half weeks ago, I found out I was having a baby. 12 and a half weeks of horrendous morning sickness. 7 weeks of painful hips and back. 3 weeks of sleepless nights. 1 week of crippling anxiety.
But it’s not all been bad! The last 15 and a half weeks have absolutely flown by, and I’m totally fine with that. Most women I know say to enjoy being pregnant while you can because you’re only pregnant for 9 months. While that may be true, the next 20 weeks can not come quick enough. I am beyond happy that I am now able to count the weeks down until we meet our little princess.
The past week of pregnancy has to have been the least fun for me. I have my energy back, and I started to feel less tired at the weekend. However, that did not last long! My anxiety has caught up with me big time and has now left me emotional as f**k, not being able to get to sleep resulting in extremely tired and anxiety ridden mornings. I have not wanted to go to work, I have not wanted to text people, I don’t even want to talk most of the time.
On the plus side, as I mentioned I am getting my energy back despite all the anxiety. I want to do more with my days and keep busy. This may be partially to take my mind off of things, but I am feeling a lot more human instead of robot at the moment.
We had the midwife appointment on Thursday. We heard her heartbeat for the first time, and as it turns out we have a gymnast baby. She’s either a cheeky sod, or she’s camera/doctor shy. She loves to fidget around whenever we’re trying to see or hear her! She was the same at the sexing scan, wriggled into every position other than the one we needed to see properly (finally after an hour we got there!). She has a very strong heartbeat, and sounds extremely healthy which made all my worries and anxiety fuelled thoughts disappear.
I also feel like a whale, but that’s a bit obvious right?

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