Took a little break from blogging as my schedule got super busy and I wanted to make the most of my first weekend of not feeling like a big ball of poop.

This week has probably been the easiest of them all so far. I went back to the doctors about my sickness because it just wasn’t funny anymore! I was put on my third lot of anti sickness tablets, so fingers crossed when I’m done on this round it should be the last of it.

Seeing as my sickness has taken a backseat it means that I am now able to eat again! I’m certainly making the most of it, I think I’ve had more take aways this week than cooked meals – I won’t let myself make that a habit though. Ever had one of them days where you just want to eat everything, as soon as you hear someone mention it, even foods I don’t like!! I heard someone mention the HP Sausage Rolls with Brown Sauce in on the way to work, and I craved them for hours. I had to have two to get rid of the craving. Now, I don’t like sausage rolls or brown sauce, but it was the best thing on earth for the whole two minutes I was eating them.

I have a bit of a bump coming on now too. My belly has started to harden up and I have definitely “popped out”. I’m glad I have though, I was starting to feel down about the fact that although I was growing a bit, it didn’t quite look like a bump. I’d been stuck in the awkward phase of “is she pregnant, or fat?” for a couple of weeks. It’s made me feel so much more confident so when I walk past and see my belly poke out a bit I don’t feel self conscious anymore.

I went on my first full night out this weekend too, and it was surprisingly easy to not be tempted by a drink whatsoever. I didn’t go to a nightclub or anywhere like that, just a couple pub/bar places, but it was a breeze and everyone around me was really helpful and understanding. I did take a flat pair of shoes just in case my feet started to ache, and I am so thankful to my past self! J2O is just as good as a vodka and coke in my eyes.

Overall, this week has been pretty easy going. The lack of caffeine is catching up a little, but I’ll get used to it! Week 14 of pregnancy, done and dusted.

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