So I announced last week that I was pregnant with mine & Connor’s first child and said that I would do a weekly update to have on file for myself and for other mums-to-be to get an insight to pregnancy. I’m not saying all pregnancies are like mine, I know that, but this is just an insight to an actual pregnancy compared to looking on all the apps and websites etc.

So this week in pregnancy was the first scan! How exciting. We found out quite early into the pregnancy so it felt like it took forever to come around, but when it did it was the best feeling ever! We wanted to keep the scan a secret from everyone, we wanted it to be our moment with our baby so travelling to the hospital on a bus with my pregnancy pack in hand wasn’t the most discreet way it could’ve been done. However, we made it without seeing anyone we knew. Once we got to the hospital we sat down to wait for my name to be called out. I became nervous, the realisation of how real everything was began to set in and I become agitated and couldn’t sit still. Thoughts like “what if it’s twins?” or “what if we’re told something isn’t right?” started floating around my mind. I mean, the idea of twins didn’t phase me at all, if anything excited me a bit more, but the thought of something being wrong made me panic. It really didn’t help that I had an overly full bladder, despite needing a considerably full bladder.

My name was called, we entered the ultrasound room and I laid down on the bed. I was warned the jelly would be cold, but OH MY GOD IT’S FREEZING. You know when someone comes in when it’s really cold outside and they put their hand on the back on your neck? Yeah, it’s like that but on your belly. Constantly. The scan itself was incredible. It was so surreal to see our baby on the screen moving around, but not actually being able to feel it. It made everything so real, and made my excitement levels hit the roof! You get asked a lot if you’re scared about things and I must be weird, but I’m really not scared for any of it. A little anxious maybe, but not scared. I tend to focus on the positive thoughts so that I’ll enjoy the pregnancy a lot more.

I was told at the scan that I was actually 3 days behind what I thought, so instead of being 12+4 weeks, I was 12+1 weeks making my due date 30th March 2015.

General wellbeing this week hasn’t been so bad. I’ve had a few anxious moments (my anxiety being so bad was one of the things that lead me to doing a pregnancy test). My anti sickness has been working pretty well this week, although the last couple of days haven’t been so great. It’s actually the cause for me being sick, which is ironic. I’ve been unsettled lately and I think the exhaustion is catching up with me now. I’ve been able to get the sleep fairly easily, but I’ve been waking up every hour or so and struggling to get back to sleep, so in total I’m getting about 5 hours maximum a night. I know people tell you you’re going to be tired, but I didn’t realise just how tired they meant. I wake up in the morning to go to work and by 1 in the afternoon I’m ready for bed. I’ll make soup and be too tired to eat it.

Although it sounds like I’m moaning, I wouldn’t trade this for non-pregnant life whatsoever. It is all going to be so worth it when 30th March 2016 comes around and we get to meet out little bundle of joy!

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