I’m often asked what products I love, but sometimes I find it difficult to narrow it down. Obviously as the months and years pass, products do too. My favourites change faster than the weather, but also not so fast. I tend to stick to what I know and love in fear I’ll find nothing better.

However, I wanted to talk about things I’ve loved over the last few years that have helped me up my makeup game. I am in no way saying that I’m some sort of master in the art of makeup, but these have certainly helped with improving my skills. I’ll be covering products, utensils (is that the right word?), and also equipment so I hope this helps!


Hoola Bronzer

I couldn’t write a post on products that helped change the game and not mention this product. I have sworn by this bronzer for so long. The Hoola Bronzer is my ride or die contour shade, it simply never fails to define my cheekbones perfectly. After using a couple of different products, like my Collection Sculpt & Highlight palette, then going on to this I’ve never looked back. I couldn’t imagine myself using anything else!


Zoeva Brushes

These were the first brushes I ever bought as a set so that I could complete the basic collection. They’re amazing quality, vegan and I love them. They helped me so much when I first started teaching myself how to do makeup. Although, they’re not the cheapest, they also aren’t the most expensive. I think they’re perfect for those who really want to get into makeup and care about what they’re using. I know people that aren’t really fussed about the quality of brushes, but if you are then you’ll love these as much as I do.


No7 Mirror

You’re probably like “how can a mirror make a difference?”, but believe me when I say it does!! This mirror is amazing and never do my makeup using any other. I have done an entire post about this if you want to read more about it. It’s so clear to see everything I’m doing, and there’s a zoomed side too which is perfect for eyeshadow. The light around it makes everything so clear as it’s the perfect lighting – it’s also really good for selfies! I highly recommend it as, like I said, I can’t use anything else.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

This palette has been around for so long and it’s been raved about since for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the first palettes I got when wanting to learn to do makeup because of the hype. I fell in love with it from day one, and still love it just as much today. The amount of different looks I am able to create with it is crazy! The only downside to it is the amount of shimmers, but that’s just personal preference. It’s the perfect palette for those just starting to learn makeup.


Real Techniques Sponge

This is something that’s quite a new find compared to the others, but I still love it nonetheless. I never thought I’d be using a sponge to apply my foundation this time two years ago, but here I am doing exactly that. I’d always thought that a good ol’ buffer brush was the best way to apply my foundation. However, that all changed when I discovered the Real Techniques Sponge. It makes my foundation look flawless and is so easy to use. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to using a brush again.

There you have it, my top things that helped step up my makeup game. I could mention a few others, but we’d be here for forever and a day so if you’d like a part two then let me know! What are your products or equipment you’d say changed your game? Let me know in the comments, or if you do a post on them send me the link!

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I’ve not tried any of these products so but I really want to try the zoeva brushes and the hoola bronzer because it looks like the perfect shade. For me I think the Too Faced born this way foundation has changed my make up game. Great post! x


Definitely try the Hoola Bronzer, it’s so good! I’m yet to try that foundation, but definitely on my list 🙂 Thank you!


I’ve never tried Hoola bronzer and I’ve been meaning to buy it for ages but never got round to it! I’m gonna add it to the top of my purchase list! Naked 2 is the only one I don’t have but its the one I want the most!! And YEAASS to the Real Techniques Sponge! I love them!

My top 3 :
1) Real Techniques Buffing Bush – I’m rubbish at contouring but this brush is amazing for a beginner giving it a go.
2) Illamasqua Brow Gel – Doesn’t budge, really easy to sculpt and draw the brow you want and it lasts forever!
3) Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – I’ve tried a few other high end mascaras and they just don’t measure up!

Great post Charlie 🙂


I use some of these but I need to check out the bronzer, looks like it is great


I’ve been dreaming of those Naked palettes for a while. Those other ones sound interesting too! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


Ooooh loving the sound of the No 7 mirror doubling as a good selfie mirror! Plus Hoola and the Baked palette are on my lust list. I couldn’t live without Oxygenetix foundation.

Thanks for sharing,

Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x


As a beauty blogger and lover, I agree with you – there are so many things out there that make our beauty related life easier. To me – my Sigma brushes are everything, I have had them for years and their quality is amazing, the Naked palettes are a MUST in every beauty’s lover collection (especially the original one which is my favorite) and a good lipstick will take you out even of your darkest days.
Glad to have discovered your blog!

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