Day 1
I love this range so much. The detailing in the dresses and layering in a lot of the outfits put together are stunning. I’d say there’s a lot of mixture in this range as there’s the fairly minimalistic looks (like the second image) and there’s the more out there looks (like the fourth image). I picked these four looks to show you guys as I love the pattern and details in the first and fourth dress, I think they’re stunning to wear to a red carpet event, or any other kind of formal event. I’d even wear the first dress for an up scale date night if I felt it was right. I love the simplicity of the second look and this is something I’d wear to work or for a night out because it’s so elegant yet makes a statement. Look three would be amazing as a bridesmaid dress. I’m going to be a bridesmaid next year so I’m getting ideas of what I’d like to wear while still feeling comfortable and this sort of look is perfect for my sort of style. I love the dark romance that he is known for and he certainly portrays exactly that with these looks. To see more from this collection, click here.
This formal knitwear range is the perfect range for a work closet. I’d say my style is a more formal sort of style anyway so something like this is ideal for day-to-day wear, but also amazing for so many occasions. I love the way each look falls into the next and into other collections too. The detailing is so simplistic with simple ribbed effect to the knitwear. I’d say my favourite look from this range is the first. I think it’s so dressed down, but elegant at the same time and perfect to wear to a fashion show as well as show casing too. I love the modernisation of boxy fits this collection pulls off, while still remaining flattering when creating a silhouette. To see more from this collection, click here.
I’m obsessed with this collection! How amazing are these patterns?! I love these looks for all kinds of events and times in life. I love the sophistication to these pieces and how they’re girly with a bit of edge to them. I love how experimental they are with the geometric shapes which create an almost hypnotising effect. I’m usually a very monochrome dressed person, or especially dark clothing, so all of these pieces are amazing for my style – I’d feel like a grunge queen in them! The final piece I picked to show you guys is a bit different to what I’d usually wear, but the colours blended with the black really intrigued me and I find it so pretty and I can imagine when it moves while on it’s mesmerising! To see more from this collection, click here.
Day 2
Emilia Wickstead understands me. All of these pieces are so me and I love everything. The sophisticated style to the colours and materials are all things I adore. I’m a huge denim lover so the first piece excites me because if I could get away with wearing all denim all the time then I so would, but jeans with a jean top does not look right on me so a denim look dress would be perfect! I love the way these pieces are universal; they can be worn for work, street style, nights out. I think my favourite piece from this collection is the second piece – again, monochrome! I just love the way it falls and ends just above the ankles so your shoes will still be on show and a part of tying the outfit together. Her other pieces include patterns heavily which are done in a way to create flawless silhouettes. To see more from this collection, click here.
Shut the front door, how beautiful are these pieces? The crotchet style pattern of the first and third looks are stunning. I can definitely see myself wearing these on a night out to channel my inner Kim K. The second piece is a little more daring for me as it’s fairly revealing and as someone that’s fairly big busted I’m not sure if it would sit right, I’d probably have to use a lot of tape to make sure I didn’t slip! The collection is very red-carpet-event-esque so I don’t think I’ll ever wear anything as stunning as these pieces, but a girl can dream right!? To see more from this collection, click here.
Day 3
Let’s take a moment to really appreciate how stunning this collection truly is.. Done it? Okay. I tweeted about this collection as soon as I saw it because I’m just so in love with everything about it. I love the sophisticated, vintage style of all the pieces and I love how they’re very dressed up, while being dressed down at the same time. I’d never have dreamt about putting a bomber jacket and maxi skirt together, but Huishan Zhang really pulled it off with the fourth piece I picked to show you. I love the colours and patterns used in this collection because they’re not too in your face like some can be, but they’re there and you know it. These are all pieces I’d wear and I think he really shows his history of working in the couture scene. To see more from this collection, click here.
Oh hello colour! I was looking through this collection and I found I was shocking myself when picking my favourite pieces. I love the first piece because it’s something I’d wear to death, same as the fourth piece, but the second and third are a little more out there for me. I don’t really do pop colour so the second piece is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I love it! It’s very British style, like if I was to go to London it would not be out of the ordinary to see someone in these sorts of outfits. To see more from this collection, click here.
I’m a big lover of Topshop so this is one of the more exciting ranges for me. I love the variation of this collection, the more dressed up styles compared to the dressed down too. I love the first look for a night out, but again I would probably need to do the tape trick! The second look, for me, is the perfect outfit for Autumn and Winter, I love my jackets and trouser combos and to pair with a pair of heels really adds a touch of class as opposed to a pair of trainers. I also love the coat of the fourth look, it’s very vintage style which is one of my favourite sort of styles! I love this range, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of pieces. To see more from this collection, click here.
Day 4
Burberry’s collection from the fourth day of London Fashion Week made me fall in love with colour all over again. The colours used in these pieces are extremely Autumnal and the patterns are so eye-catching. I love these for all different occasions. Look one and four would be perfect day to day style for me, I’d wear them to work, for shopping, when I go out. The other two would be more upscale, like a wedding or event. I find Burberry fashion amazing, I love all their collections and they never fail to make me fall in love with everything they design! To see more from this collection, click here.
I couldn’t stop looking through this range, Roksanda really hit the nail on the head when it comes to creating stunning looks using bold colour. The effortless style this range portrays is amazing, and I love looks that really come together with little effort and it just work. The colour pop of the second and fourth look really takes me back a couple of decades and as mentioned I love the vintage style. I love the modern take on vintage fashion, so this range is a winner in my books. I totally need the second look in my life, how gorgeous! To see more from this collection, click here.
Day 5
Alexander Lewis was another collection that caught my eye as it is also quite modern-vintage. I love the use of knitwear crossed with other materials, especially the mesh dress in the third look. Look two is definitely something that is up my street, I love mini skirts with jumpers as a really sophisticated, effortless look. I also love the tailored style in the fourth look. I’m all for a woman suit look, and the purple against the blue looks stunning. I hope that’s purple anyway, the lighting effects of this show is gorgeous, but also throwing my colours all off! To see more from this collection, click here.
Holy Mother Of Pearl, how gorgeous is this collection! Pop colours and modernisation of vintage overload. I love everything about this collection, and I’d wear absolutely everything. I’d say this is up there near the top of my favourites if I was to rank the collections. I love layering and mixing skirts with jumpers. This is the perfect collection for my Autumn and Winter wardrobe, I just need everything so I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for high street alternatives because little ol’ me can’t afford the real deal. Sad face. To see more from this collection, click here.
All images taken from the London Fashion Week website.

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