I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range for a good couple of years, and I’ve loved what it has done to my skin. I’ve mentioned previously that it’s very rare that I get any kind of spot – little or large – and I really think that this range has something to do with it.
Tea Tree is amazing when it comes to providing amazing defence against anything your skin can throw at you. The Body Shop describe it as “nature’s alternative to harsh ingredients” because it works miracles on even the most damaged or worn skin. I tend to get blackheads quite easily, especially when my skin decides it wants to be oily for a few days, but I’ve noticed that over the last couple of years when using this range it’s been easy to stay on top of and they’ve significantly decreased. It is known to target those that are prone to blemishes, blackheads and oily skin which is perfect for myself.
The range also uses Tamanu Oil Extract alongside the Tea Tree. Tamanu Oil Extract is known for its ability to help generate new tissue and improve the healing process for skin. The effects this has on your skin is as if it’s given you a new face and skin that is full of youth. I use four products from the range every day, and I have used a couple of other products previously too. Doing my routine just before bed makes my skin feel so refreshed and means the products have the time to work its magic while my skin also repairs itself overnight.
When I have a bath or shower I use the Facial Wash to cleanse my skin, but I leave it to soak into my skin for a couple of minutes before washing it off. My skin already feels much better after a face full of make up all day, but right before bed I’ll continue with two more products. I use the toner all over my face on a cotton pad, and I can feel it working right away attacking any sort of dirt that may be building up to cause a break out. Then I use the night lotion and let that sink in which makes my skin feel so soft and smell amazing – it’s a best seller from the range and I can certainly understand why. Another thing I love about this range is that it’s amazing for helping me sleep! If I get into bed straight after using the range I’ll fall asleep nearly instantly.
The last product I use daily is the skin clearing lotion. I apply this all over my face before applying my make up, and I find it makes the application so much smoother. I have recently ditched using a primer from my make up routine, and I now only use this and I feel like it has the same effect as a primer, if not better results. It makes my skin matte, meaning I don’t need to worry about shine throughout the day.
I’m such a big fan of this range, and a lot of other Body Shop products. I would definitely recommend the products mentioned, or any other product from the range, to anyone. It smells amazing, it makes your skin amazing and all products have nearly 5 star reviews on the Body Shop website.

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