I love a good beauty set, and I love even more so when they’re absolutely stunning and every piece is amazing. That’s exactly how I feel about the Ted Baker: Brilliance of Beauty set. In the set there is 12 pieces that blow my mind with how beautiful they are.
The packaging itself deserves recognition as it is absolutely stunning. The box itself is covered in a beautiful floral print and the sleeve around it shows the same pattern also showcasing the products inside. The individual packing for each product is just something else! The beautiful copper and white casing to each product gives the set an overall elegant feel and makes it all the more pleasing on the eye.
The contents of this set include:
– Lip & Cheek Tint
– Lip Gloss
– Eyelash Curlers
– Mascara
– Eye Liner Pen
– Eye Shadow Trio
– Eye Shadow Brush
– Blusher Compact
– Kabuki Brush
– Lipstick
– 2x Nail Polish
The item that caught my eye the most with how beautiful it is is the eye shadow trio. The set includes three gorgeous warm copper tones that will look amazing with the nude brown lipstick that is also included. I think it looks stunning with the copper casing and it really brings out the shimmer in the shades.
I haven’t used any of the products yet, but I’m also looking forward to using the eyeliner pen. It’s simply like a felt tip pen, but it it so smooth and I love this style of liquid eyeliner. I find pen’s the easiest to use as I can be more precise with my lining.
The lipstick is another product I am super excited to try out, I don’t want to ruin the pretty T on it though! It is a gorgeous light brown nude, which I find suits me better than pink nudes. The casing is also extremely pretty with the combination of the copper and white contrast.
I believe this was ¬£55 from Boots, but unfortunately it looks like it was a limited edition gift set over the Christmas period as it isn’t available online anymore. Even so, this is a beautiful set and will have made wonderful gifts to those that received or treat themselves to it while it was available.

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