Remember how I go through makeup phases? Well, lately I’ve been in a bit of a highlight phase. I’ve bought quite a few new highlighters at the moment to add to my collection. There’s one in particular that I’m so glad to have finally picked up. In the Beauty Bay Christmas sales, the Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter was reduced. I’d been wanting it for so long so out of pure impulse, I pressed that checkout button.

I bought the shade Kitten as the pictures looked stunning that I’ve seen on Instagram etc. It’s a beautiful rosy-bronze shade, and my favourite of all the shades. I’m extremely glad I ordered it without thinking as when I checked back less than two hours later it had sold out. It seems to be sold out quite a lot of the time on Beauty Bay, so I’m considering myself lucky. As soon as I bought it I was so excited to use it as I’m so intrigued by the putty style texture.

Stila have been really clever in making this product. Everyone has been talking about how interesting it is due to the texture of it. I wanted to know what it was like myself so I had to press my finger into it straight away. It moulds almost like Play-Doh, but without the stickiness of it.

The second thing I was impressed by was the packaging. It’s quite weighty and so sleek. I love fairly simple packaging that gives you a sense of luxury, so this ticked all the boxes in my eyes.

When I applied this for the first time, I was so shocked and surprised at how it felt on my face. It didn’t feel wet on and looked more like a powder when on the face. Saying this, the way it melted into my skin made it look like it had a wet texture still. It was almost like highlighter inception! When it was on my cheeks it didn’t enhance any imperfections and made my skin look very smooth with a healthy, rose bronze glow.

I wanted to test this product to the lengths that it would go to, just because I want to know how far I can take my glow. To test this, I wanted to apply this with both a brush and my fingers. On first application with a brush, I was pleased with the outcome. It gave quite a soft glow, quite natural. However, the wet texture of the putty did cling to the brush so my brush doesn’t feel too nice after. It did look very pretty though so I would use a brush if I wanted to go for a more natural look.

The second test was to apply it with my fingers. Applying this with fingers definitely gave this a higher intensity glow! It applied more pigmented and made my skin look wet. You know that natural glow you set when your skin is wet and the sun shines on it? That. It looked beautiful, I was so stunned. I’m now extremely excited for a night out so that I can wear it! I was surprised that it didn’t feel sticky on my fingers or when applying on my face with them too. Compared to the brush, it felt a lot more like powder when applying it with my fingers.

When I test my highlighters, I also like to test how far I can take it without a ‘streak’ happening. The Streak Test. This test consists of seeing how much highlight I can apply without a steak appearing when I look straight ahead. With this Stila highlight, I found that this was quite a lot. After applying a fair few layers of highlight, it started to show almost like bronzer on my face. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was under the cheekbone where bronzer should be. However, once I have bronzer on and then applied about 12 layers of highlight it started to make my face look strange.

Side note: I don’t know anyone that wears 12 layers of highlight, so it isn’t a major problem in my eyes.

Overall, I really love this highlight. I’d never tried anything from Stila before, and I’m so glad this was my first product to try as I’ve now got great first impressions of the brand. It’s absolutely beautiful on, and the formula and finish is perfection. I now need to buy the other shades so that I have the full collection!!

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