I bought some brushes from Spectrum Brushes a while ago as I’d heard so much good stuff about them. I ordered an eyeshadow set as despite having far too many brushes as it is, I seemed to lack in the eye department of brushes; so to cheer myself up one evening I decided to treat myself.
When I got on to the website I saw they had a huge sale on which I was super happy about because who doesn’t love a good old sale, right?!
I bought a Stubby Shader to get my whole lid covered really quickly and easily. I’ve found this brush picks up a lot more shadow than most as when putting it on my lid, it looks bright and I don’t need to keep building colour. The Medium Fluffy Shader is also great to put extra colour on the inside corner of my lid.
The Precision Crease, as it gives away in the name, is a brush to help contour the crease of your lid. It’s not my favourite crease brush, but it is a really good brush for blending the darker crease shade into the overall lid shade. I also use the Fluffy Pencil brush for the same job, but it is also great for concealing small blemishes.
To be honest, I bought the Flat Definer for the sake of buying it – £1.99 you can’t really go wrong. I use this to go along my bottom lash line with the shadow. I just think it’s so much easier and more precise using this brush than any other. It doesn’t go too far below your eyes to make it look like the shadow has smudged, but is able to give your eyes a deep feeling.
The Small Fan brush is for highlight / blush to create a subtle flush and glow to the skin. I love a dewy look during Summer. I just apply a little bit to the apples of my cheeks while smiling to give the ‘lifted’ effect to my cheeks.
These brushes are so good, I love all of them. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future! They’re also super pretty and stand out from the rest of my plain white or black brushes.
Thanks for reading! x

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