When writing yesterday’s post I thought a lot about the year I had last year and what amazing things it brought. I thought about making a scrap book many times last year, but nothing ever came about it. It’s something I definitely want to do this year with my due date fast approaching, but last year I never got round to it. I thought why not write a post and share what last year held.

So January last year I finally completed my apprenticeship and became a qualified Graphic & Web Designer. I was offered a full time contract with the place I was working at during the course meaning I was able to continue working for a company I mostly enjoyed. January was an insanely busy month because within the space of 2 weeks I finished my course, mine & Connor’s second anniversary happened, my 19th birthday happened and we jetted off to Dominican Republic. We didn’t really celebrate our anniversary or do much for my birthday as our holiday was to celebrate as well as chill out and enjoy the sunshine.

Dominican Republic was out of this world. The scenes, views and weather were all wonderful! The holiday started quite rough, there were storms happening when we were supposed to land so we had to land at the other side of the island and wait for them to pass. They eased, and were safe enough to land, but they didn’t disappear. The landing was quite rough which set my anxiety off majorly where I was crying, having a panic attack, thinking I was going to die because we were going to crash. It felt like I was in some sort of Final Destination scenario. However, the rest of the holiday was a dream. There was so much to do where we stayed that there was never a dull moment. In the two weeks we was there we only went on one trip, the catamaran, as we loved just chilling by the pool with our rum & cokes, or sitting at the swim up bar. It’s a shame we had to come home and get back to reality, but the time out there was lovely.

Over the next couple of months was quite quiet as I focussed a lot of my energy on work to continue to improve my skills and have fun with my friends going out at the weekends. In April I visited Brighton for the day. It was quite a dull, wet day, but it was nice to get out of Portsmouth. We spent the day shopping, eating at the lovely cafes in the Lanes and the shopping centre before heading home. I enjoy days out like this, where there’s no time restrictions on anything, no rushing about and just doing what you want to do. In Portsmouth there’s too many people to do this, it’s so over populated here that everywhere is so busy all the time. I believe it was the bank holiday, which also saw me drink way too much the following day that I spent the whole of bank holiday Monday feeling sorry for myself – but let’s just forget about that…

Summer soon came around and the hot weather began. People of the UK always moan that we never have nice weather, but I recall many days of sitting in my garden in the sun with a nice vodka & coke or Kopperberg. The summer saw many days out with my friends and their gorgeous little babies, and day trips like Thorpe Park. I enjoyed summer so much I don’t even know where it went, it flew by!

I ran Race For Life in July. It’s a run in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK, which at the time especially, is a cause close to my heart. Little did I know the lady I ran the race in honour of would slip away a mere 2 weeks later. It was an emotional run for all different reasons; why I ran, confidence issues and anxiety also being a barrier I had to overcome that day. It turns out I ran the Race For Life around three and a half weeks pregnant as it was 6 days later I found out I was expecting our little bubby!

Then in August some friends all got together and me & Connor made some (very) last minute plans to join them at Victorious Festival. It’s a mini festival which is held on Portsmouth’s seafront, but hosts a huge range of artists for us all to see – if you have a ticket of course! This summer we saw Johnny Marr, Basement Jaxx and The Darkness. There was a few others we saw, but these were the ones that stood out to me. It was a lovely day, even despite the weather! It was the first proper outing where I experienced the sober life of not drinking while everyone else around me did and it didn’t fuss me a bit.

September finally rolled around and I finally, after years of waiting and months of actually being able to count down, I saw my boys – Foo Fighters! Now, anyone that knows me will know just how excited I was for this day to arrive. After the original dates being cancelled due to Dave breaking a leg the week before I was devastated. I talk quite literal and truthful when I saw this too – I cried, a lot. I loved this day and it was made all the more amazing when they played my all time favourite Foo’s song, Aurora.

Our first scan was right around the corner, along with our 16 week private scan where it was confirmed we were having a little girl. It felt so surreal to be laid there watching a figure moving about on screen and not being able to feel it happening. Obviously at those stages she was too small to feel move so the scans were the only thing reminding me of how real everything was – that and not being able to drink on nights out for everyone’s 21st’s.

To finish the year off, Christmas and New Year could not have been any more perfect. Christmas with my family was wonderful and it was so nice to chill out and eat my body weight in Ferrero Roche. New Year was also lovely with Connor’s family. We went to a pub not far from us to listen to a band play all the classic 60s tunes and then watch the New Year countdown on the television.

It’s fair to say 2015 was crazy. A lot of unexpected things happened, but I’d definitely say it was my best year yet. Not bad for your average 19 year old cracking on with life!

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