It’s no secret that lip products are a firm favourite of mine to purchase and experiment with. Along with eyeshadows, they always have been. I actually sat down and counted my lip products not too long ago, and the result was actually sickening. However, it didn’t stop me in the slightest. As soon as I found out my best friend was going to Paris I started planning a Sephora visit for her. I’ve been using the Sephora liquid lipsticks for a while, and wanted more.

When my girls bought me a Sephora gift card for my birthday last year, I bought the shade ’45 Chai Latte’ as I was going through a huge brown phase. After using it for a year, it’s still one of my favourite shades I own. So when compiling my list, there was a lot of swapping and changing as I wanted to get shades I was going to love just as much. I used Shaaanxo’s video as a swatch guide as we have a similar skin tone and wanted a true-ish representation. Finally, I decided on the shades; ’21 Pretty Beige’, ’40 Pink Tea’, and ’41 Vintage Rosewood’.

The packaging to these liquid lipsticks are extremely simple, maybe even a bit bland. Saying that, it works though. I actually like the simplicity of them, and love the fact that they give an indication of what the shade looks like. Obviously, I can only imagine that this is helpful when in store wanting to choose a shade. The simple text on the tube, and the branding on the lid, gives it a ‘clean’ feel. That’s probably the weirdest way to describe it, but it’s the only word I’ve got. The only downside I have is that although the shade number is detailed on the bottom, the shade name isn’t. I wish it was because every time I want to tell someone the actual name I have to Google it.

Onto the stuff you actually came to find out about, the formula. I have to say, the formula of the Sephora liquid lipsticks is one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas around. It’s not too thin, but not too thick, making it really easy to apply. Once on it’s really comfortable, despite it getting extremely matte. Honestly, matter than I’ve ever seen anything ever. But, that doesn’t mean it’s drying. It feels like nothing on the lips, but also acts like it too. These liquid lipsticks are completely budge-proof, lasting all day and night. Even those heavy nights out when it’s a little too messy to be topping up every now and then.

The shade range is seriously impressive with a total of 98 shades! Once again, I’ve never known a shade range like it. Sephora are really serving us with versatility with these. It can become overwhelming though when picking shades to go for – like I mentioned I was deliberating for so long. Depending on which domain of Sephora’s you use, these liquid lipsticks are priced at $14 or €10.99 so they’re really affordable. Typically I’ve always found them to be less than £10 with the exchange rates. The only trouble with shopping online for them is that the online previews aren’t great. I would recommend finding a swatch video with someone with a similar skin tone to you to get a better idea.

Long story short, I would highly recommend trying the Sephora liquid lipsticks if you can get your hands on them. Why has the UK not got a Sephora yet? Despicable. Especially seeing as I need them all and don’t want to be paying shipping and customs every time. The formula is so beautiful and they wear so well, so I can’t moan too much.

Have you tried the Sephora liquid lipsticks? What’s your go-to at the moment?

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