I recently made my first ever purchase on Sephora, made up of things that I’ve been wanting to get for months. My girls got me a gift card for my birthday so that I could finally get a few things. I felt like a little child in a sweet shop on the website. It took me a good couple of hours to officially decide what to buy, but I am extremely happy with my decision.


Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

When I first saw this palette I instantly fell in love. I hadn’t heard much about it other than it was a stunning highlight palette. I hadn’t seen swatches, I hadn’t read any reviews other than what was on the website. There were a few that weren’t too impressed, but nothing was enough to change my mind. The palette has four holographic highlight shades that can be used as highlight, eyeshadow and even over the top of lipstick. The four shades are called Emerald, Saphyre, Opal, and Amethyst. What makes it even better is that, because it’s Kat Von D, you can rest easy knowing this product is cruelty free & vegan! A full swatch and review post will be coming soon so hands up who’s excited!


Sephora Liquid Lipstick

After seeing Shaaanxo’s lip swatch video of all 40 of these lipsticks, I fell in love with the shade Chai Latte. I know, I know, I have a million brown lipsticks, but this one is different okay?! It’s a beautiful cool-toned grey-brown shade. It will look so nice with anything as it’s quite neutral, which makes for a great everyday wear too. The Sephora website claims that it lasts AM – PM without having to reapply or touch up throughout the day. It gives a super full coverage that feels lightweight, and is infused with avocado oil so it shouldn’t be drying either.


Huda False Lashes

I’ve been wanting a new pair of falsies for a while, but I haven’t been able to find ‘the’ pair. I decided to take a peek at the range of Huda lashes and I still couldn’t decide on which pair to get, but I finally decided on the pair called Lana #10. Any guesses why I picked these ones!? They’re bold so they’ll be perfect for a night out, I wouldn’t wear these ones on an every day basis. The bold claim that I can’t wait to try out is that these lashes don’t need mascara, so I will let you know what I think when I try them. These would look great partnered with any bold, smokey look. I’m praying they’re comfortable on and don’t feel heavy, but I haven’t heard any complaints so far from others so it’s looking hopeful.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

My final purchase was a no brainer to be honest. I couldn’t go on the the Sephora website and place an order that didn’t include this palette. 14 shades of utter perfection, how could I not?! These aren’t shades I’d typically wear to be honest, I haven’t ever dabbled with too many pinks. However, that being said, I can’t wait to start playing around with these shades. One of the main reasons I love this is that majority of the shades are matte! 11 out of 14 shades, praise the lords… With such a variety of shades you can create any sort of look you want; everyday, work, night out, date night. I can’t wait to dabble more into this palette, and you’re all going to get sick of tutorials.

There you have it, an overview of my first purchase on Sephora. I’m so excited to use these and do some tutorials including them too! I still have a lot more items on my wish list, I’m sure I’ll get round to purchasing those one day. Just to ensure I haven’t missed anything off my wish list that I should have on there, what’s on yours?!

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Love this!! There are a couple of things from Sephora I have my eye on – one being the Modern Renaissance palette. I bought a few of the Sephora face masks whilst in Venice and would definitely recommend and will be purchasing some more!xx



Thank you babe 🙂 Ohh I love a good face mask! I’ll have to have a look at those xx


That highlight palette from Kat Von D sounds amazing!!! I wish you had a picture of the highlights as well since we don’t have a Sephora here in the Netherlands anymore. But great haul!



I have a swatch image over on my Instagram, and there’s also a swatch and first impressions post coming soon 🙂 x

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