Going on a long walk is something that always sounds so relaxing, but also like so much effort if there’s no real purpose to actually doing it. Well yesterday myself and Connor decided that we’d take ourselves on a nice stroll with no real destination, no distance and no time limit just to see where our legs would take us. We knew we wanted to walk along the coast, but no idea how far or to what part. We decided to take a walk along Southsea Beach which is our local shoreline, literally a 15 minute walk from home.
We set off around 1pm as the weather was gorgeous and not too cold at all with the sun shining. It was a little foggy looking out over the sea, so much so that the Isle Of Wight was barely visible. It looked like GTA when you go to the edge of the map and everything in the distance is extremely fogged out and hard to see because you’re unable to go any further, or so Connor thought anyway. It was perfect weather where you could walk at a steady pace and not get too hot, but you weren’t freezing and wanted to go home the whole time.
We walked for around 4 hours in total, but sat down often too because being 37 weeks pregnant there’s only so much my poor little legs could handle. There’s plenty of benches along the beach to sit down and admire the view from. We went down onto the beach for a period of time too and noticed some star fish washed up onto the beach which was really cool as that doesn’t often happen here. Half way along the beach, near Blue Reef and Pyramids, there’s a small little fish and chips place named Rock n Sole which do the most amazing chips in the world (opinion, but may as well be fact). We stopped here to grab some lunch before heading back home. If you’re ever in Portsmouth for whatever reason make sure you try them out, they’re incredible! You will not be disappointed.
Southsea is one of my places in the world. Bold statement, but I’m extremely proud of my hometown. A lot of people moan about it, but in all honesty I think it’s one of the most beautiful places you could visit and live. There’s so many good things about it all year round and there’s only more and more that get announced each year. I love Southsea and the beach because I find it so gorgeous and it’s such a relaxing surrounding. You can never tire from the surroundings because there’s always something catching your eye along the coast and it’s not often I’ve walked along a coast line and back for 4 hours and still been distracted my something every couple of minutes.
The scenery that surrounds Southsea and Portsmouth is gorgeous, from the buildings to the sail boats out at sea. It’s such a lovely place and you can be taking images in the thousands. I may not take them in the thousands, but I can’t resist taking some every time I go for a walk, and yesterday was no different. I’ve put some of my favourites below, all from yesterday’s walk.

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This looks absolutely gorgeous – I have to say that I live around 10 minutes walk from a beach but I rarely ever go to explore it; like you, I find it ultimately pointless most of the time! Maybe next time the weather is good I'll try and explore.

Sammy xo.


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