If there’s a cosmetic product I love, it’s a nude lipstick. I have fallen in love with this range over the last few months. It’s by Rimmel London as part of their Kate Moss collaborations. I’ve always preferred darker shades, but with this collection I’ve been loving the lighter shades too.

There are 5 shades across the whole range, and I love every one. I do wish there was more, but they’ve certainly covered the basics and at least one shade to suit each skin tone. The packing is also a really nice touch to it, with the classic Rimmel London feel to it. The simple nude toned packaging is makes you focus more on the product itself, rather than the look of the packaging.

My favourite from this range is definitely shade 48, the darkest of the collection. I do like shade 43 too if I want a more subtle shade though. However, each shade is getting its fair wear. It’s a versatile shade range, and I truly believe there is a shade for every one.

Let me know what your favourite shade of the collection is, or what shade you want to try!

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