I’ve been spending a lot of time online lately looking at different make up looks that I want to recreate because I love the way they look. I thought I’d post about the looks that I’ve enjoyed recreating. Today’s look is a Rihanna inspired look. I’m not entirely sure if this is a recent or old look, but I love it nonetheless. It’s a gorgeous brown eye with a dark lip, however in my images the lipstick looks a lot redder than it did in person.

The eyes are my favourite thing about this look when I recreate it, however on Rihanna it’s her lips. She has the most incredible lips that mine just cannot compete with so the eyes are the focal point of this look for me. I start of covering my lid in a thick layer of MAC’s Honey Lust to give it the bright base needed. To get the ombre effect Rihanna has, I took Antiqued (again by MAC) into the crease and onto the lid slightly and blended with Honey Lust to keep the bottom half of my lid bright. To create the darkened shadow in the outer crease I took Embark (MAC) into the crease, layering with Antiqued, and also above the crease and blended out. To keep my lid bright I went over it again with Honey Lust lightly. 
On my lips I used a New Look lipstick named Burgundy. It looks really red in the images, but is a lot darker in person, but a dark brown like 48 by Rimmel London Kate Moss Nudes would also look amazing. I attempted to oversize my lips to look a bit more like Rihanna’s, but it looks ridiculous in the photos because of how bright and shiny the lipstick looks. With a matte lipstick this would’ve looked fine as I done it a lot last Summer with my dark brown mattes. 
I love this look, it’s a really nice look for work, but with a pair of lashes would also look amazing for a night out. I’m all about big make up, even for day-to-day looks. I think this is down to being obsessed with all black outfits so I like my make up to be a bit out there so that I don’t look like a total plain Jane. This look would look amazing on anyone because of the neutral tones to the shadows, and the lips are something that can be done to suit an individual taste.
Here’s my final look:

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