Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is one of the best selling foundations to date, but it is all that it’s cracked up to be?

I’m still uncertain in all honesty. I was talking to the girls on Saturday about this and I just find that it can make my face look quite caked some days. I’m going to discuss texture, application, coverage and finish.

This foundation doesn’t come with a pump, so unless you buy a pump somewhere online then you’ll need to pour it onto the back of your hand or brush. It’s a really smooth, but watery liquid so be careful not to pour too much. This is something that bothers me about this foundation because I’m constantly pouring too much onto my hand and wasting quite a bit each time I use it, it’s not a big deal though – I’ll just have to be a bit more careful!

Application gets a green light from me – it’s such a nice foundation to apply. I use my Zoeva buffer brush to apply my foundation – I’m yet to find an actual foundation brush that I like! It takes a bit of time to blend, but doesn’t sink into my skin like some foundations. It does depend on what sort of skin day I’m having – sometimes I wake up with the DRYEST skin ever then some days more combination skin. However, most days I love the way to formula works with my skin to give a smooth application.

Coverage is also something I love. I’d definitely say it’s a medium to high coverage, which is good for those days when you have a couple of blemishes you’d rather not be there! It’s a good 4/5 for coverage. I don’t think it’s the best for wear time, it does seem to fall off my face during the afternoon even when using powder – but it’s incredibly difficult to find the perfect foundation that aces all aspects, right?

I always use a primer before applying my make up to help make my make up look better when having a dry skin day, but Double Wear is definitely a foundation for those days when I have combination skin. On my dry skin days it appears caked and makes my skin look muddy. However, on good skin days it does look absolutely flawless. My skin looks so dewy, healthy and glowing.

So there you have it, a review of this product. The verdict? It’s a really good foundation, but only for combination to oily skin. On dry skin, it’s a nightmare! It doesn’t look flattering at all when I have dry skin, but otherwise it really does compliment my skin and makes it look radiant and flawless. I’d say if you haven’t tried it then do, but make sure to moisturise and use primer beforehand to reduce risk of it looking caked and dry.

*Please remember these opinions are my own, so other people may say different.

Thanks for reading! x

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