Catfish and The Bottlemen are one of the most anticipated bands to come out of 2014. After releasing their debut album in September they have had an extraordinary response to what some are calling the best debut album of 2014. They are perfect proof that bands from the middle of nowhere can still hit the big time just by working hard and sticking to their dreams.

I saw them at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, on Thursday 6th November. The show actually sold out and it wouldn’t have surprised me if they had sold out a bigger venue in the city too. They came on stage around 9.30pm and right from that very moment Van McCann, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, had the whole crowd in the palm of his hand.

The set was kicked off with ‘Rango’ and the crowd gave it all they could. They played fan favourites such as ‘Cocoon’, ‘Kathleen’ and ‘Pacifier’ the crowd kept the energy alive throughout the whole gig. While Van stepped back from the mic, the crowd sang back verses of songs back to him. Towards the end of the show Van was still able to capture the crowd by getting them to sing the classic ‘Play Up Pompey’ chant and ‘We Love You, Larry, We Do’.

From beginning to end it was an absolute joy! And while I may have drunk a little more than I should’ve I will always remember that gig. Catfish & The Bottlemen, remember the name! They’re on to bigger & better things, guaranteed.

I’d definitely recommend you listen to them if you haven’t already! If you know who they are then go see them – they will blow you away.

‘The Balcony’ ¬†is available on iTunes now!

Catfish and The Bottlemen on stage.
Source: thisissouthern
Catfish and The Bottlemen on stage.
Source: sjgilberto
Me & Connor waiting for them to
come on stage!

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