About a month ago, I attended a wedding and intended to create a soft pink glam. However, as usual, that was not the case… My eyes ended up more bold than they’d been for a while. This is a gorgeous look for any kind of Spring / Summer occasion that you may have. My palette of choice for this look was the Morphe 39A Dare To Create palette.

  1. These days I’m always stating with the eyes. So I start by lining the bottom of my brow, and creating a clean base with either concealer or eyeshadow base.
  2. I went straight in with the colour, and started to pack ‘Create’ through the crease.
  3. To blend and blow this out, I used small circular motions, taking the colour quite far out and under the eye.
  4. I kept buffing this above the crease for major impact. This is a personal preference so it can be as much or as little as you’d like.
  5. Moving on to a small pencil brush, I started to pack ‘Passion’ on to the inner and outer thirds of my lid.
  6. To get the smoothest blend, I used the same pencil brush and dragged the shadow towards the centre of the lid. However, never making the two meet.
  7. I then went in with ‘Forever’ with a tiny pencil brush on the very corners of my lid to deepen the gradient further.
  8. Now it’s time to start creating the ‘spotlight’ by cutting the crease with either concealer or a base of your choice. You can make this as big or small as you want, but I stuck to the classic upside down triangle.
  9. I used a mixture of ‘Artistic’ and ’So Glam’ to start the glitter centre, adding a small amount of highlighter on top.
  10. Switching between brushes, I blend the shades together to make sure the gradient was seamless.
  11. The next step is completely optional. I decided to add a small line of yellow liner above the centre of the spotlight. I’m still not sure what made me so it – it just happened. My liquid liner or choice was NYX’s Halo.
  12. I wanted to smoke the lash line slightly to make my lashes blend in. On a liner brush, I took ‘Muse’ and placed it as close to my lashes as possible.
  13. On my lower lash line, I simply took a mixture of all the matte shades from my lid and buffed them out with a fluffy brush.
  14. Next is my favourite part – LASHES! I used ‘Milan’ by Oh Your Lash because what would wedding makeup be without them.
  15. For a finishing touch, I added some of the Marc Jacobs Matte Gel Highliner in ‘Popular’ to my water line.

I received so many compliments on this look, both online and in person. I felt so good in this makeup because I really love it as well. I’d love to hear your opinions, so sound off in the comments. Also, don’t forget to tag my in any recreations you make!

If you like this look, see my previous look here.

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