Whoops! I went to Lush. I told myself I could make it until Sunday when I went to Southampton to go to Lush, but when one of my girls phoned and said they were heading in to town and asked if I fancied going with. How could I refuse? Great company & great shops, it’s a no brainer!

I got to Lush and I warned my friend we may be a while. The new Autumn range was in meaning Halloween and Christmas scents, along with more Oxford Street products coming in stock.

I didn’t want to go overboard because I knew I was going to WestQuay to buy a few unisex baby bits before finding out their gender in just over a week. I always manage to spend around £30, give or take a few quid.

I was walking around the shop, smelling every new thing I could find! I straight away picked up another Experimenter and Intergalactic bath bomb because I really liked the look and smell of these, and more importantly how they made my skin feel. They’re so moisturising and rejuvenating – I felt so much more awake after using them!

I went on to pick up a couple of Christmas classics. The Golden Wonder bath bomb and the Candy Mountain bubble bar. I love both of these, Candy Mountain smells so amazing I want to eat it! Golden Wonder is a different sort of smell, it’s a warm smell, but I used it last year during the really cold part of December and it hydrated and refreshed my dry, winter damaged skin.

Going on to a couple of the new products in store, I didn’t even need to smell the Frozen bath bomb to know it was amazing. I’ve heard loads about this bath bomb and had been so excited to use it! I was going to pay at this point, but I was drawn to the shower gels and picked up two small bottles as I couldn’t decide out of the two. I picked up a bottle of the new Comforter shower gel as it’s my favourite year round scent, the bubble bar has been my go-to bubble bar when I want to chill out in a steamy, candle lit bath. I also picked up the Christmas shower gel named Snow Fairy. I don’t want to say too much about this, simply because it’s that amazing. It smells so so good! I’m actually in love with it, and will be purchasing many more bottles while I can so I can continue to use it when the Christmas stuff leaves stores.

On Sunday, myself, Connor, two of our closest friends and their little girl head off to Southampton to do a spot of shopping together. We got a nice pub fry up to get our energy levels up and ready for the amount of shopping we were just about to do.

We popped into a few shops like Gap Baby, H&M, TK Maxx and Primark. I didn’t want to buy anything that implied boy or girl, simply because I want to look forward to being able to do it when we know!

In H&M we simply bought a pack of long sleeve baby grows. There’s 6 in a pack, costing £15. They have cute little bird patterns on them and I couldn’t resist! We also bought a little bunny cuddly toy as our friends have a rabbit called Nigel so we thought we’d buy a little Nigel for our little one too.

I have only ever been in a TK Maxx once, in Portsmouth and it was so messy and unorganised I couldn’t bare it and left. This was a few years back so it may have improved since – let me know! I decided to brave the Southampton one, and I was pleasantly surprised! I found a lovely coat in size 6-9 months. I know, I’m way early, but come September next year they’ll have a waterproof and fleeced coat ready for the Autumn weather kicking in. It’s from a brand called Beauty & The Bib, and it was an absolute bargain at £13! We also found a nice clothing set in first size, consisting of the hat, the baby grow, top, leggings and a pair of booties. Again, an utter steal at £13.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful shopping weekend. My bank balance may not think so however!

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I really need to go to Lush now, all these bloggers posting about lush.
Even though I'm only 15, looking at baby clothes makes me squirm with joy 🙂
It so cute of how small the things are :,)
Good luck on your pregnancy btw <3

Xo, Sakura



I recommend Sex Bomb and Intergalactic bath bombs! 🙂
Thank you so much lovely xx

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