A little while ago I said that I wanted to give you guys more control over the looks I create. I took to Twitter on Saturday to ask what palettes you’d like to see some looks from. After a few hours, the two palettes in the lead was the NYX Ultimate Brights, and the Morphe 35O2. So, on Saturday evening, I sat down and cracked out my NYX Ultimate Brights palette.

I got playing around for a while, and ventured into colours and styles I wouldn’t have usually. However, I really love how this turned out and I can’t wait for festival season now! This palette is so stunning, and I really need to start cracking it out a bit more. To find out how I created this rainbow number, keep reading…


How To

  1. Get a very clean base using concealer and set in place with translucent powder.
  2. Taking the NYX Ultimate Brights palette, you want to lightly place each colour where you want them to be to get the proportions you want around the eye.
  3. The first colour I took was the bright orange in the top row (1×3). I placed this on the inner third of my crease.
  4. To transition this into the bright pink, I took the shade next to it (1×4) and blend this over about half way through my crease.
  5. I then introduced the bright pink (1×2) on the middle third of my crease.
  6. Once these colours were placed where I wanted them, I then went over them with more colour to intensify them and blend them out up to the eyebrow.
  7. On my outer corner I took the purple shade (2×1) and blend this out quite a lot to keep everything seamless.
  8. To get everything to tie in together, I pat the purple over the lid and blend each colour into this.
  9. I then took a small, clean brush and blend the colours together more. The key with this this look is to blend, blend, blend. And just when you think you’re done, blend some more.
  10. I added the yellow dots on the lid / brow before going ahead with the lower lash line. There’s no real pattern to this, I simply drew a line under the first part of my brow and randomly placed dots on the first third of the shadow. For these, I used the NYX Ultimate Brights eyeliner in Halo.
  11. To tie my lower lash line in with the top part of my eye, I used the Marc Jacobs highliner in Popular.
  12. I wanted to get a full spectrum of colours, so I didn’t want to match what I’d done on the top, on the bottom.
  13. I decided on blue (3×2) on the outer half to blend into the purple, and green (4×1) on the inner half.
  14. You might be able to see from the eye that’s kind of hidden in the above photo, but I didn’t initially blow out the lower lash line. I kept it conventional and tame to the lash line.
  15. However, I decided to blow it out on the second eye that I did and I adore how this came out.
  16. I took the blue out quite far, and blend this into the purple and mixing the two shades.
  17. To complete the eyeshadow I blew out the green and blend this into the blue to get everything looking seamless.
  18. Once all the shadows were how I wanted them, I took the same clean brush from earlier and blend everything all together again to make sure everything flowed perfectly.
  19. I felt like something was missing still… So, I decided to match the dots on the lower part of my eye, but on the outer corner instead. I feel like these really topped off the look for sure!
  20. The lashes are so pretty too. Wanting to keep with the magical / rainbow theme, I used Unicorn by Girls With Attitude. (I mentioned these in my favourite lashes post, how beautiful!).
  21. I chose not to highlight any of this look and keep it quite matte. It’s blow enough without it, so I didn’t want to over-do it. However, if you want to highlight to amp it up a bit, then that’s completely your decision too.

I’m debating doing some mini-tutorial videos in the future, would this be something you’d be interested in seeing? I’ve done a couple before and really enjoyed them so thought I’d get your opinion.

I hope you love this look as much as I do. It’s very festival, but it’s never too early to start planning your makeup. I need to try blowing out my eyeshadow a lot more as I actually really liked how this looked. Do you like how this looks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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