Today’s post is something a little bit different. It’s not beauty related, it’s not a review, but I wanted to document it. I’ve been planning on getting new tattoos for so long, so I’m so happy that I finally have.

As you can see, I have a new tattoo in honour of Lana’s birth. It’s something small, but I love it so much. I decided on getting her name and date of birth on my arm. I had it positioned just below my elbow, on my left arm. My left arm was my decision as there is a vein that runs from the fourth finger on your left hand to your heart.

I had half an hour booked in, so I had another tattoo what I wanted to get if there was time. The Lana tattoo took around 10-15 minutes so I managed to get them both done. My second design was a small space doodle. There are two reasons I had this done. One of them is that I simply really love space and astronomy ever since I was younger. The second reason is due to the song ‘Aurora’ by Foo Fighters. It’s one of my favourite songs and I was so happy when I got to see it live in 2015. I love that this one reflects two things I love in life, it makes it even more special.

These were my fourth and fifth tattoos, and I’ve caught the bug again. I’m already planning a cover up tattoo for one of my previous ones, and more that I’d like to get. I’ve been planning on one that represents family for maybe two years, but this will be one that I get once I’ve lost weight. I’m planning on getting it on my side so I also need time to prepare for the pain!

In case you was wondering too, I got both of these done at the Portsmouth Ink studio in Southsea, Portsmouth. I’ve been to the Cobham studio of Portsmouth Ink before to get two tattoos so I felt very comfortable going there. All the artists at each Portsmouth Ink studio are incredibly talented, and I always leave so happy. I can’t wait to go back in the future.

Do you have any tattoos you’d like to get? Let me know in the comments!

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Heyy, great post both tattoos are lovely, big fan of your space doodle!! I caught the bug after I had my 1st one, still have the bug but holding fire till after my wedding!! 🙂


I love the constellation/space tattoo! It’s so cute! x

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