I love lipsticks. Lipsticks are one of my favourite things to purchase because you can never have too many. Last year, in August, I done a blog post where I showed you my liquid lipstick collection. In that post, I mentioned that I was also going to do a post about my lipstick collection too. Finally, 6 months later, it’s actually happening. It’s not the most extensive collection; I have recently gotten rid of ones that I no longer use. These are all lipsticks that I use and enjoy using.


Rimmel London

Throwing it back to when I first ever started blogging, I was obsessed with Rimmel London lipsticks. I adore these lipsticks for two reasons; they’re really bloody good, and the sentement behind them. These are the first lipsticks I ever fell in love with, and with good reason. They’re super creamy and moisturising, and the wear is really good with them too. The only downside to them is that they’re not exactly smudge-proof. There is so much pigment that if you accidentally wipe your mouth slightly, it’s going to end up over your face a bit.

ablogbycharlie Rimmel London lipstick swatches


Makeup Revolution

My Makeup Revolution lipsticks aren’t ones that I reach for often. The scent of these aren’t the nicest I’ve ever smelt so more times than not, I’m put off using them. Saying this, for £3 a lipstick, I’m not going to sit here and expect them to be the same quality as higher end lipsticks. For £3 a lipstick, they’re actually really great. They’re really pigmented and wear really nicely. They’re a little bit dry, so needs a bit of warming up to get the full potential of the lipstick. However, if you’re wanting a one off lipstick that’s going to serve you well, I’d highly recommending looking at the Makeup Revolution range.

ablogbycharlie Makeup Revolution lipstick swatches


L’Oreal Paris

These L’Oreal lipsticks are more that I haven’t been using much recently. Mainly because the shades are more Spring and Summer, but also because they’re quite glittery. I’ve never been a fan of glittery lipsticks, but I decided to try these out and I’m enjoying how they wear so far. They’re really hydrating on the lips – almost feeling like lip balm. It’s quite easy to forget you’re wearing them, so be careful if wiping your mouth at all. I also, surprisingly, like the fact they’re not packed with pigment. They’re quite light with colour which is great for a more toned down, natural look.

ablogbycharlie L'Oreal Paris lipstick swatches


Calvin Klein

My Calvin Klein’s are my most recent additions to my collection. They’re quite similar to the L’Oreal lipsticks in the sense of they’re quite wet when first applied. Once they dry down, they look really nice and quite matte, but not drying on the lips. I got these as a random colour bundle from Chemist-4-U, and I actually liked all the shades – even the pinks. I’m not a bright pink girl, but the pink from this range has a mauve, muted undertone. I really like these and can’t wait to use them more often.

ablogbycharlie Calvin Klein lipstick swatches


Rimmel London Nude Collection

Taking it back to the Rimmel London lipsticks – I told you I loved them. This collection is so up my street it’s ridiculous. I love my nudes, I love my Rimmel lipsticks, so it was a no-brainer that I needed to buy them all. The shade range is gorgeous – from the perfect every day nude, to a beautiful deep brown.

ablogbycharlie Rimmel London Kate Moss Nudes lipstick swatches



Sticking with the nudes, I had to mention this on its own and not with the ‘randoms’ section. I only have the one Maybelline matte lipstick, but it is my favourite that I own. The matte formula is actually matte, while still being hydrating – unlike some of the liquid lipsticks I own. This is my most reached for lipstick at the moment. I adore the formula, the durability, and the finish of it. It’s an all round perfect lipstick for me, and I need to buy myself some more as soon as possible!

ablogbycharlie Maybelline lipstick swatches



I’ve thrown in some of my random / odd lipsticks in too just because I feel like they deserve a mention. Again, I love each of these a lot. My Lancome lipstick is a really beautiful, lightweight nude that is perfect for every day wear. The red shade is a deep red, which I love mixing with other shades. The Ted Baker is, again, a nourishing nude while still being quite matte. Finally, my MAC Snowball Collection lipstick is a grungey, duo chrome dream.

ablogbycharlie Lancome, AVON, Ted Baker, MAC Snowball Collection lipstick swatches


I haven’t included some lipsticks, simply because I would be here for forever and a day. For expample, I have left out majority of my MAC lipsticks as the swatches won’t fit on my arm. I may potentially do a separate post in the future, but I’m not sure. I’ve also missed out lipsticks that I haven’t tried yet because I wouldn’t have been able to give an opinion on them. However, these are the lipsticks that I have tried, and lipsticks that I enjoy using.

Which lipsticks are you now tempted to try?

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