I have had my hair done! I’ve been on a bit of a low confidence streak at the moment, and one of my biggest peeves was my hair. It was horrible, long and a bit unhealthy still. Let me start at the beginning…
3 years ago I decided to bleach my own hair twice in one day and then put a pink dye on it the same day as I wanted pink hair, it made my hair quite unhealthy because I didn’t bother doing it properly and my hair split a lot. Not too long after I dyed my hair back brown, but a couple month later I got bored again. I bleached the underneath of my hair twice in the same day again. This was where things started going horribly wrong… My hair began matting up and knotting so easily and began to malt quite a lot. My solution was to dye it back brown after a few months of dealing with this as my thoughts were that it would fix everything. I now realise how stupid that sounds! It made my hair so much worse and killed it. Split ends appeared on split ends and matting became a real problem.
Brushing my hair took a hour, sometimes more, just because I’d slept and my hair knot that much. It got so ridiculous that there was a temptation to shave the whole lot off, but I didn’t want to be bald and deal with having to regrow it. It started to feel like there was no other way of sorting it out. I visited the hairdressers around the corner from where I live, Hi-lites, where I talked to a wonderful hairdresser and she advised me to get a trim and conditioning treatment. That’s just what I did, and I’ve been going back since for a trim every so often.
I then stopped going for a while as it began to get manageable where I was able to brush it with ease and it wouldn’t matte up anymore. The hair itself was still quite unhealthy as the bleach particles was still absorbed in the hair and it cause tonnes of split ends no matter what brand shampoo etc I used. I started to use Aussie and I noticed it was a lot better, but still not great so I had a peak online to see what styles I liked.
I came across an ombre style that I really loved and it meant getting around 5-6 inches snipped off my hair. It was so worth it in the end though. I booked in my appointment for Tuesday so it was done right in time for Christmas. We started off by cutting off around 4 inches as there would’ve been no point putting the blonde on the ends if it was all going to be cut off. Then the dying began. I chose a mocha brown for the top of my hair and Holly, my trusty hairdresser, picked out a blonde that would blend nicely with the shade I chose. The dye was left on for around 30-40minutes before washing off and then cutting properly into the style I wanted. I like the length I chose as it’s still a nice length to do something with it, but also to not do anything with and it be okay.
I am super happy with the way it has turned out and I’m so grateful to Holly for spending so long on it! 
I have shown the steps in photos below for those that are interested. I’d 100% recommend Hi-lites salon as they cover pretty much all services you could possibly need! 

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