This is a blog post that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and finally got Connor to take a break from FIFA to do it! Here it is; my boyfriend does my makeup…

He started off pretty well in all honesty. Although he never applied primer, he applied my foundation really well. More foundation that I usually apply was used, but I’ll let it slide because it looked good. Connor stopped after and took one look at concealer and thought “nope, that doesn’t look nice” because of the applicator, but after hinting that I looked tired he complied. He attempted to blend with the applicator, then used an EYESHADOW(!) brush to blend it out properly.

Connor then decided the next step was to contour my cheeks and, after prompting him, my jawline. I was put in my place and told not to butt in – “don’t rush art, that’s what you’re doing”. Oops, sorry! He started off with my powder brush, not contour brush, and tried to make it more prominent by using another eyeshadow brush! He saved it by blending it out with the powder brush again. As you can see from my face in the third image, I was not impressed! He also opened the blusher and simply said “so this is, erm, something” and put in on my eyelids.

Next came lips, which I have to say were alright by the time he was finished with them. He lined the lips well but filled them in a little wonky. Apparently, baby wipes are the best way to touch up mistakes…

Next was the eyes. This is where everything went downhill and become an utter train wreck! He started off pretty well with the eyeliner, see pictures 1 & 2. From then onwards, it was disastrous. I looked like I’d been in a boxing match. He managed to make me look okay, then like a man in (poorly done) drag, then managed to bring it back ever so slightly with the use of concealer and foundation to cover mistakes. He knew he fucked up, I quote “you’re not meant to go that high, are you?”, no babe, you’re not…

Not much mascara was done, I’m pretty disappointed about that really. My eyebrows were simply touched up and brushed through, who really knows why!? My favourite quote out of the whole eyes process was “I’m really disappointed in myself, this is the part I thought I’d nail”. The overall look was finished off with a layer of power. Here’s the finished look:

(Yes, I know I need to pluck my eyebrows, but I’m growing them out. It’s a process)

At first, Connor’s reaction was: “I think I’ve done a pretty good job actually, it looks good”

Connor’s sister’s reaction: “Don’t let him do it again, ever”

Connor’s mum’s reaction: “You look like a zombie from the films”

After five minutes the reality set in, and Connor then decided “it actually looks awful, I have a new found respect for women doing their makeup”

There we have it, don’t let your boyfriend lose on your make up bag!

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