With the cold weather rolling in I have been absolutely freezing at the moment. I’ve been using a few items to absolute death lately because they’re the only things that are comfortable and warm. I’m going to share these little treasures with you, they are my absolute must haves at the moment.

The first item I’m going to talk about is my navy maternity blouse from H&M. I love this top simply because it fits so nicely. As it’s maternity it stops it coming up at the front and my belly appearing out of the bottom – it also makes me feel like a human size where it isn’t baggy or oversized. I love the fact I don’t feel like I’m wearing a tent and it makes me feel so much more confident than 99% of my wardrobe at the moment. It has a gorgeous V neck coming down into the button front which I’m usually not a fan of, but I love that I can accessorise without being too restricted.

Next is a scarf I’ve had for a while, but has been coming in great use at the moment. I really love wearing this scarf with the blouse mentioned above to cover up where the V neck doesn’t. It’s so soft and cosy and really does keep the warmth in. New Look scarfs have always been a winner in my books and this is a perfect example why.

This jumper is the cosiest, warmest piece of clothing I have ever owned. I bought it in early pregnancy in 3 sizes too big as I wanted it to be oversized and fit me until late pregnancy, which so far so good! It’s so warm to wear and looks amazing with a nice pair of jeans and trench coat. It looks amazing with everything and the roll neck makes it look stylish and accessorised without the accessories. New Look, again, have hit the jackpot with this.

This is a beauty product must have for the cold weather. I don’t like wearing too much foundation when the weather is as cold as it has been the last couple of days as I don’t want my skin to dry too much. Instead I’ve been using a small amount of this Rimmel London BB Cream as it’s hydrating and light on my skin. I can wear this without worrying about it becoming drying throughout the day and it gives a nice amount of coverage too. I can still apply the rest of my make up as usual and it won’t look strange without the use of foundation.

My final must have right now is these Puma trainers. I found these in the warehouse deals on Amazon for a staggering ¬£10 (!!!!) because their original box and labelling was missing. I’d been looking around for a pair of shoes that will be comfortable, warm and adaptable with my feet swelling during pregnancy. They are so comfortable, they feel like slippers! They’re also really warm on too; we went for a walk last weekend and it started pouring down with rain and my feet were the only thing that remained dry and warm. I’d highly recommend these to anyone that feels the cold easily on their feet.

I hope you like the things mentioned, I hope this helps when you fancy a little shopping trip! Let me know what you’re loving at the moment and what recommendations you’d give to me.

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