Today is another purple-y look. If you saw my review on this Morphe 25B palette, you’ll know that I’m loving it right now. So I wanted to share this look with you that was requested on Twitter. When wanting to create a look with either this palette, or Morphe’s 25A palette, I couldn’t decide which to use. I took to Twitter to get my followers to pick and it was the 25B palette that one.

The shades I used in this look was picked by the wonderful @XO_DT. She picked three beautiful shades for my to incorporate into the look. I loved creating a look this way, as it’s always so nice to get my audience involved in posts too. I definitely want to do this kind of thing more often!


How To

  1. As with any look, the first step is to create a ‘blank canvas’ with some concealer and powder.
  2. For my transition shade, I took Image (3×1) on a fluffy brush and blended that through the crease.
  3. After the transition shade, I jumped straight into the dark shades. Taking Thief (4×5) a little at a time, I slowly started building the purple throughout my crease and outer corner. I did this multiple times to build it to the intensity I desired.
  4. My outer corner needed deepening more, so I took the shade Space (3×5) and applied and blended with a fluffy pencil brush.
  5. Once I was happy with how dark my outer corner was, I took the excess of Space through the crease slightly.
  6. To clear some of the colour on the lid, I swept a light layer of Shy (1×1) over the lid area.
  7. I wanted a soft shimmer over the lid, so with a flat brush I pat some of Character (2×3) over the lid.
  8. To make sure that everything blend smoothly, I took a tiny bit of Space to blend into Character on the outer part of the lid.
  9. To darken the lash line so that my lashes didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, I applied a thin line of Effort (5×5) right against my natural lashes.
  10. Topped off my upper lashes with some Tatti Lashes in the style TL3. They’re really fluffy and thick, I’m really loving these at the moment.
  11. For my lower lash line, I took a mixture of Thief and Space and blend them out using a fluffy brush.


This look is quite a simple, yet effective one. It’s so strange because my eyes look so green in these photos too. I swear my eyes change colour depending on what eyeshadow colours I’m wearing! I decided not to highlight my inner corner with this look as I wanted it to be quite simple and let the lashes to do the talking. I’ve developed such a love for them, I can tell I’m going to be shopping Tatti Lashes a lot.

I loved creating a look this way, so send me your palette and shade suggestions! It’s such a nice way of doing it. I get you guys involved, but I also get to try shade combinations that I may not have tried myself. I’m going to aim to do this at least once a month, but would like to do it more.

Send me your suggestions here.

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ablogbycharlie Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Look

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Fantastic tutorial! Do you have the Naked Heat palette? I got it for Christmas and would love some recommendations for that xx

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