What I Watched (Favourite TV Show / Film I Watched)
I decided one evening that I’d watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix, and both me and Connor are obsessed with it. What’s better than watching Gordon Ramsey telling people to f*ck off when you’re hormonal and need cheering up!?

What I Snapped (Favourite Photo)

This was taken after Connor had run the Great South Run. We were both really tired and wanted to have a nap. Really captures the essence of our relationship!

Who I Love (Favourite Person)
My favourite person this month has been my friend Laura & her new arrival Johnny-Lee. He’s such a little cutie and she’s been such an amazing help with all my pregnancy questions – no matter how stupid or annoying they may sound she’ll always be there to give me an answer and help me out!

What I Wore (Favourite Item of Clothing)
I have been loving my brown New Look Chelsea Boots this month. They have kept my feet really comfortable, and warm too now the colder weather has come in.

What I Did (Favourite Pass Time)
My favourite pass time this month has been laughter. Whether this is laughs with friends or family, or even watching something. I’ve had a really happy month this month for many reasons.

What I Ate (Favourite Food)
My favourite food this month has been anything I have cooked. I’ve started looking at different recipes I want to try to make in a bid to make myself a bit healthier and so far everything has turned out amazing – not to be too modest!

What I Drank (Favourite Drink)
My favourite drink this month has been apple juice. More specifically it’s been Copella apple juice and I’ve been hugely obsessed with it this month. Not much I can say about it really, it’s just so refreshing.

Where I Went (Favourite Place / Event / Location)
My favourite place I went this month was to the Great South Run to greet Connor at the end. I was extremely proud of him for running and it was all for an amazing cause!

What I Heard (Favourite Song / Noise)
Gonna sound like a basic white girl, but Adele’s new song has been my tune and it’s only just been released! Her voice is just so incredible. I was pretty composed when I first heard the song, but after hearing it so much I now well up every time it gets stuck in my head!

What I Used (Favourite Thing I Used)
My hot water bottle. Hands down! It’s helped so much with my back when I’ve been in pain and it’s just so cosy. I’m always cold so it’s like hugging my own personal radiator.

Let me know what you guys have been loving in the comments below!

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