What I Watched (Favourite Show / Film I Watched)

Love Island came back this month, and I am SO happy about it. I have been obsessed since it started, it’s become unhealthy how many times I say I’m excited about 9 pm every day. That means the Love Island group chat has been lit AF for the last three weeks, it’s been great. Also, I really want Montana to be my best friend, she’s my favourite. That girl is an absolute queen!


What I Snapped (Favourite Photo)

I swear every time I do this it’s always a photo of Lana. However, I absolutely adore this photo of her. She just looked so happy and chuffed with herself. We recently had really amazing weather so we made the most of it by turning the balcony into a tiny garden for her. She now has her own little flower plot and her own watering can to water them too.



Who I Love (Favourite Person)

This might count as last month as he was born in May, but I met him this month so it counts to me. My favourite person this month is my new little cousin Jacob! My cousin had a baby and he is the most beautiful little boy in the world. I am so excited for my cousin because she’s embarking on the greatest journey ever. Lucy & Tyler are going to make such amazing parents, and I couldn’t be happier for them.


What I Wore (Favourite Item Of Clothing)

If you’ve seen my Instagram stories lately, you’ll have seen that I have been wearing these a lot. My Girl Power Slip Ons are the comfiest shoes! I’ve worn them pretty much every day since I bought them. They’re an absolute bargain at £8 from Primark, especially as they look great with any kind of outfit.


What I Did (Favourite Pass Time)

My favourite thing to do this month was just to have a bath. I’ve really enjoyed them again recently. They’re just so relaxing, it’s time just for myself where I can just chill and de-stress. I create a playlist on Youtube, get in and unwind from my day.


What I Ate (Favourite Food)

This is going to sounds absolutely ridiculous to probably everyone, but I made mash potato for the first time ever this month. I was really pleased with how it turned out, so I’ll definitely be doing it again. I’d never made it before because I expected it to be difficult or a lot of effort. The only thing that was time-consuming was the peeling the potatoes, but no biggie.


What I Drank (Favourite Drink)

To be perfectly honest (and boring), all I’ve drunk at the moment is water pretty much. However, every now and then I’ve picked up a bottle of 7up Free because it is so refreshing. As I mentioned, we’ve had really hot weather lately and all I want is an ice cold drink when it’s like that.


Where I Went (Favourite Place / Event / Location)

Earlier this month there was a new nightclub called Pryzm that opened in Portsmouth. I was so fortunate to be invited down to their VIP Opening Night. I got to meet Mike and Saffron from the Portsmouth Bloggers lot & they were so lovely! Connor came along too which was really fun as it’s been a while since we’ve been out properly together in a while. I loved having a boogie and a few drinks with everyone.


What I Heard (Favourite Song / Sound)

Foo Fighters announced a new album recently and this month they’ve debuted the first single from the album. It’s called ‘Run’, and I really really loved it as soon as I heard it. I’ve been anticipating for this new album since there was news about them recording it. It did not disappoint, and I can’t wait to hear the album in full! I’m thinking of doing a first listen reaction on Instagram Live maybe, what do you think? Fingers crossed for a UK Tour too so that I can see them again!


What I Used (Favourite Thing I Used)

This month I’ve started making use of a diary I’ve had for a while, but never used. I’ve decided to start logging my food as I’ve been really bloated lately and it’s been bringing me down. I think it’s due to dairy again, but I’m going to be keeping a food log to see what I’m eating that may be causing it. It’s already been so helpful in noticing the time of day that I start wanting to snack etc.


What are your favourites for the month, do any of them match mine? I love doing these posts and getting to reflect on the month. I can’t believe how fast June flew by, time needs to start slowing down a little!

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