What I Watched (Favourite TV Show / Film I Watched)
Being at home a lot of the time means a lot of Netflix time. I’ve watched a couple of series this month, but I decided to re-watch How I Met Your Mother. I love the show when it’s on E4, but I’ve never really stayed up to date what was going on and hadn’t seen the last series either. I love American comedies, but only the ones which are actually funny and don’t have the audience laughing every two seconds at sentences that aren’t even funny. I did think the ending was a bit of a flop, but other than that I really enjoyed re-watching all nine seasons.

What I Snapped (Favourite Photo)
This photo is simply of an eyeshadow palette which I took one morning when getting ready. Having not gotten out of the house much this month for various reasons I haven’t taken many photos really. I love this photo nonetheless as it shows all the shades in their gorgeous glory and I think it’s so pretty!
Who I Love (Favourite Person)
This month my favourite people are my girls. I’ve enjoyed being in their company so much this month and they’ve not failed to make me feel so happy and laugh until I can’t breathe every time I’ve seen them. They’ve been amazing company and made me feel so good about life, thanks girls! I’m also going to give Connor a mention because he’s been top notch helping me with my braxton hicks and got me through the days when I’ve felt crappy.
What I Wore (Favourite Item of Clothing)
Pyjama bottoms! I’ve lived in pyjama bottoms this month. My jeans are so uncomfortable to lounge around in, especially as they fall down every two seconds! I’ve really needed comfort this month, and it’s been hard to accomplish because no matter how much I try, something is still uncomfortable. Pyjama bottoms have made lounge days and writing days so much easier by just being comfortable.
What I Did (Favourite Pass Time)
My favourite pass time this month has been watching Netflix. As I mentioned I’ve been watching a few different series this month and need to find more to carry on with. It’s just difficult when all the ones I want to watch Connor does too so I don’t want to watch them without him – that’s the ultimate betrayal in our relationship.

What I Ate (Favourite Food)
The night of the Brits we had a girls night at Shan’s where she cooked everyone spaghetti bolognese for dinner. This was my favourite food this month, for multiple reasons. Not only did it mean that I got to have a night off from cooking, but it was also gorgeous. Connor doesn’t like mushrooms so I never put them in a bolognese when I cook one, but Shan piled in the mushrooms and onion and it was heavenly. Bellissimo!

What I Drank (Favourite Drink)
I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea this month as it’s meant to be amazing for helping labour because it does something to your uterus. I’ve been drinking it when I fancy one and it’s gorgeous. I’ve been really loving my green teas at the moment, honey & lemon being another favourite. The raspberry leaf one tastes like warm juice and I find it really comforting because it reminds me of wintery evenings when I’d usually drink hot blackcurrant juice.

Where I Went (Favourite Place / Event / Location)
I’ve spent a lot of time in my bedroom this month. I prefer chilling in my bedroom, I sleep there, I do everything in my bedroom. I love the privacy and quietness of it – I’m quite strange and enjoy being alone or out the way a lot of the time. I’ve just felt really secure and comfortable in my bedroom and being able to watch what I want to watch and listen to what I want without any disruption. I’ve also been napping a lot lately to try and catch up on sleep so a lot of my time in my bedroom has been to sleep, and who doesn’t love sleep!?

What I Heard (Favourite Song / Noise)
This month has seen three songs released by two artists I absolutely love. Catfish & The Bottlemen released their new single ‘Soundcheck’ which is amazing. I had it on repeat for hours, and I’m still not tired of it. I was so happy when they won their Brit award as they’re a band I’ve loved for ages and I will never tire of. The other songs are the two that Jake Bugg released, ‘On My One’ and ‘Gimme The Love’. Again, Jake Bugg is another artist I’ve listened to for ages and I loved the more folk feel to ‘On My One’ that reflected his first album, and the more upbeat pace to ‘Gimme The Love’. I was really sad when Catfish & The Bottlemen released their tour for two weeks after my due date, but there’s still hope that Jake Bugg will release one for later in the year!

What I Used (Favourite Thing I Used)
With all the music awards going on and new releases from artists I love I’ve been using Spotify a lot this month, so I’ll have to say it’s my favourite thing I’ve used. I love that you can access pretty much everything you’d ever want to listen too – they’ve recently added the Beatles which made me extremely happy! I’ve been listening to a lot of music when writing and when I’ve been Spring cleaning. It’s so easy to use, I couldn’t be without it now!

Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments below!

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