What I Watched (Favourite Show / Film I Watched)

I started watching The Vampire Diaries this month. I’ve been hesitant to watch it for so long as I’ve never been into the vampire thing. After asking around if it was going to be like Twilight or not, I decided to take the plunge. It’s safe to say I am hooked and I love it. I’ve been watching it for the last week and a half – two weeks and I’m already on season two. At first I preferred Stefan and, as predicted by so many of you on Twitter, I’ve now converted to Damon.


What I Snapped (Favourite Photo)

The thumbnail photo of this post is my favourite of the month of August. It’s so candid and Lana’s outfit is the cutest. I bought this Disney jumper from Zara and I couldn’t wait to put it on her. It’s now my favourite thing ever and I never want her to grow out of it.


Who I Love (Favourite Person)

My favourite person this month is myself. I’ve really been working at taking the time to look after myself this month. Setting actual aims, goals and targets for myself and working hard to reach them and improve myself. I’ve been looking after my body and my skin a lot more too; making better eating choices and making proper time for a pamper.


What I Wore (Favourite Item Of Clothing)

I’ve been eyeing up these Adidas shoes for ages, and this month I managed to get my hands on a pair. They’re the comfiest shoes ever and they’re the perfect pair of comfy shoes to replace my hole-y Pumas. I found them on a website called Love The Sales, which is a website dedicated entirely to sales. What a dream!

ablogbycharlie Adidas Trainers from Love The Sales

What I Did (Favourite Pass Time)

This month has been great for spending lots and lots of time with Lana. In case you’re not aware, I recently cut my hours in work so that I can be with her a lot more. This month has been so much fun. We’ve been playing with her toys a lot, taking trips to the park and having days out. It’s also so nice to see what an impact this has had on her too. Even in the last two weeks, she’s advance so much it’s crazy!


What I Ate (Favourite Food)

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been looking after myself a bit more by making better food choices. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m doing Slimming World (properly this time) from home. My first week was super successful, however after a while of course those takeaway cravings start creeping in. I bought a tub of the Mayflower Curry Powder to make as I’d been craving a Chinese so much. It’s absolutely beautiful and tastes exactly the same as a takeaway!


What I Drank (Favourite Drink)

I’ve been absolutely addicted to Original Lucozade at the moment. Of course, I’ve been drinking the low sugar alternative, and it’s just as good. I was really hungover when I went to Reading for a hen do and ever since then I’ve been hooked. It’s been my go to when I’m hungover, when I had a bug, when I needed a pick me up. It’s strange as I never used to like this flavour, but I can’t seem to get enough at the moment.


Where I Went (Favourite Place / Event / Location)

This is going to make me sounds insanely lazy, but my favourite place this month has been my sofa. We got a new sofa late July and it’s the most comfy thing in the world. It’s so big and squishy, I love it. I’ve taken naps on there with Lana on there. I could sit there for hours just relaxing if I had the chance!


What I Heard (Favourite Song / Sound)

I’ve been listening to a lot more music this month than the last few months. I’ve been loving listening to The Courteeners, Blossoms and The Stone Roses a lot again. However, my song of the month has to be Blown Rose by Blossoms. I’ve listened to it on repeat the whole journey to work at one point because it’s just so good! I need to see Blossoms live asap because it looks absolutely buzzing!


What I Used (Favourite Thing I Used)

My favourite thing I’ve used this month is my Spectrum Brushes. I’ve been doing makeup a lot this month, whether it’s on myself and other people, and my Spectrum Brushes have been a God send! They’ve recently started being stocked in store at Boots which is absolutely incredible for them. It’s been so wonderful seeing them go from strength to strength as a company! I adore their brushes and they’re my go-to when in need of some decent quality brush for a decent price point!

What have you been loving this month?! I’d love for you to join in on this tag by doing your own posts too.

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