Lately, I’ve been really loving oranges at the moment and have been playing with them quite a bit. They’re just really summery, especially if you’ve got the bronzed goddess vibe going on as well! I recently done this look with Modern Renaissance and really loved it. It’s just super summery, super shimmery – I’m obsessed with it. In case you can’t tell too, I’m living for the halo eyes at the moment.

Again, with this post, I’m only going to talk through my eyes. My face makeup hasn’t changed recently so I don’t want to bore you with repeating it. I’m so stuck in my ways, I need to try new products. Let me know in the comments some face products to try! Oh, and I promise this will be the last Modern Renaissance only look for a while…


How To

  1. Take Tempera all over the lid and up to your brow bone to create a blank base
  2. Blend Golden Ochre through the crease as your transition shade
  3. To start building the orange on your outer and inner corner, start placing Raw Sienna in the areas you’d like
  4. Go over the top of that with some Burnt Orange and start bringing the colour towards the centre of your lid
  5. Blend this out so that the edges are seamless and smoked out
  6. Once you’re happy with how Burnt Orange looks, pat on some of Realgar
  7. Once you’ve pat on the amount you want, start blending out with a clean blender brush
  8. Drag and blend any excess product through your crease and slightly upwards to connect the corners
  9. For the centre of your eyelid take Primavera and gently pat on the centre of your lid. I used some of the Makeup Revolution Golden Lights highlight on top, but this is optional
  10. Use a small amount of Realgar on a small pencil brush to blend the shimmer out
  11. Make sure there are not harsh lines and that the blend it seamless to give that 3D effect
  12. To highlight your inner corner and brow bone, take Primavera and apply as you’d like
  13. Create a bold winged liner using your favourite eyeliner
  14. To make your lashes stand out, apply a pair of Eylure lashes in the style Exaggerate No 143
  15. On your lower lash line, take Primavera and smoke it out as much as you want


I adore this look so much, it’s what I wore to the Pryzm Opening Night last month. It’s perfect for Summer nights out and BBQs with your mates. The orange tones really remind me of a sunset or sunrise, and what’s more Summery than the sun!? I paired this look with a nude lip, but it would also look beautiful with a brown lip too.

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This look is so pretty! I’m definitely trying this out. I love my ABH Modern Renaissance palette, I’m constantly gravitating towards it

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